Customer's Comments

Without doubt the most important views of any business are those of its customers. Middlepeg is happy and proud to share these views from the hundreds of past and present customers we delight in dealing with from all over the world.


"I happened upon Middlepeg when I started searching for cricket equipment specialists around the world. I play for the Des Moines Knights Cricket club ( based in the state of Iowa in the United States. At that time, I was searching for a cricket bat that was reasonable in price and played like a "champ." I was surprised to see that Middlepeg carried a whole line of sub-continental brands like MRF and CA. I have had much success with both these brands before, but they did not always fit my budget. I was shocked to see the low prices on most of Middlepeg's cricket inventory. It was incredible low compared to the other online stores.

It didn't stop there. Next, I sent an email to Middlepeg inquiring about the actual price on a CA Gold bat (the actual one used by Inzi ul-Haq of Pakistan) and the shipping charges to the US (this was very important to me, as I had taken a few on my chin with S/H charges before). David from Middlepeg promptly replied back to me in a few hours time with the all the information I wanted. In the meantime, I did a search for the CA Gold bat here in the US, and I found it at a number of sites where the best price was listed at around $170 USD (excluding S/H)

David quoted me $132.50 USD and the S/H came to around $10 USD. I jumped on this offer, and I received my bat in about 9 days. Let me tell you that for that price, I got a top of the line bat (about 7-8 grains in the English willow!!!!) and its quite possibly the best bat I have ever played with (2.12 lbs of sheer power!) Not only that, Middlepeg sent me actual photos of the very same bat I was to receive (showing the 8 grains) the day before I had ordered...the closest I could come to without actually holding it. Now, thats unique for a business to go that extra yard...If you check this site out, you'll notice that they have actually explained the different shapes of the cricket bat, and the nuances of strokeplay.

Now, these guys actually go out there and play in local leagues in Western Australia, test their products out and sell them on their site. They may not have the variety of brand names like others do, but that is because they only want to sell the best top of the line quality for unbeatable prices. For quite possibly the best customer service that is out there, Middlepeg is the place for you. A few teams in our area have also switched to Middlepeg cricket "

Gau Sura
Des Moines Knights Cricket Club Iowa, United States of America

Recently I purchased a Laver & Wood Private Bin online through Middlepeg Cricket and I am only too delighted to say a few words about both the bat and the great service from Middlepeg. After receiving the bat I was contacted by Middlepeg as part of their after sales service to ensure that I was happy with the bat. When I first lay eyes on my Private Bin I could hardly believe the outstanding quality and craftsmanship of it. After using it for the first time I could also hardly believe how good it felt in dispatching balls away. Having played cricket for the past 18 years I still in fact cant believe the difference between my Private Bin and the many other bats I have used and this is echoed by my team mates who have had a hit with it. I now know why so many well known cricketers use bats that have been made by James Laver…I thoroughly recommend all cricketers to discover and feel the difference for themselves. And after having dealt with Middlepeg Cricket on a number of occasions now I also recommend them for their great range, great prices and genuine belief in making the customer happy which is so enjoyably refreshing. 

Sergio Noto
London, England

My brother received his shirt yesterday and he was chuffed - he cant get enough of the Aussie cricket team. Thank you for including his birthday card and writing the words that I sent to you as per our instructions. He mentioned to me that he has checked your online store out and has already "placed an order" for next years birthday with me - the cheeky <……>.

S. Maguire
Dublin, Ireland

Hi, just wanted to thankyou for your email, and the CA bat is excellent I can't wait to hit some runs this season with it. I might have some other people interested in getting one. Thank you,

Kingston Queensland, Australia

I am a keen cricket enthusiast ( some say cricket crazy Indian !!) and pride myself on my cricket knowledge. I have known James Laver since last year and I was lucky enough to be introduced to David from Middlepeg by him earlier this year.

I wish I had met David earlier. I have never met a cricket retailer so deeply in love with the game. This is apparent from the time he gives each of his customers. He understands the idiosyncrasies of cricketers - the best equipment for one may not be the best for another- and is able to not only meet their requirements, but exceed them.

I have only purchased equipment worth about $600 from David and he spent about 3 hours with me showing the best cricket goods I have come across anywhere. This is a quality rarely seen in any retailer. David genuinely wants to see his customers happy and is willing to go to any lengths to do that.

He stocks the absolute best equipment from around the world and at affordable prices. I have decided that I am not buying any cricket equipment from any other cricket store except Middlepeg.

Have a look at his Morrant batting pads and range of bats. See David personally and I am sure you will agree with me fully.

Zak Parker
Perth, Western Australia

To anyone that reads this, I have played cricket and been a cricket gear junkie all my life. 5 weeks ago I purchased a bat off Middlepeg (a brilliant Laver & Wood) Cricket and I really cant believe the lengths these guys go to to make sure that my hard earned dollars are well spent and that I got the best deal possible.

I got my custom made bat within 5 days or ordering, had it run in and faced by Middlepeg in another 4 days and was using it in a game the day after. And they have even called me a few times afterwards to make sure that I am happy with the way the bat is going!

So to anyone that is reading this here is my simple advise - I have never come across a company that cares so much about us the customers so if you are buying cricket gear then get it from Middlepeg. They carry the best stuff and nobody even comes close to them on their prices. Feel free to email me directly if you like - I will vouch for these guys anytime.

R Biddle
Rockingham, Western

Hi David,

I am sorry I didn't get back to you sooner and let you know how much Stephen likes his bat.

He has used it in 3 games now. Being in under 12's they are not allowed to make more than 20 runs in an innings. First game he got to bat twice and ended the day with 41 (his best ever). Game 2 he retired again with 21. Game 3 he was lucky enough to be picked to play in a combined team for our cricket association and he top scored for his team with 18.

He is a very happy little vegemite indeed. I am sure there will be plenty of other kids and adults from the club being in touch with you about buying bats. Many of the seniors seemed very impressed with the quality of the bat.

Anyway, thanks again for all of your help.

Debbie, John & Stephen Hill
Victoria, Australia

Hi Middlepeg I received the bat with no problems and am impressed with it so far although still preparing it. The weight feels good and there haven't been any surface cracks or splitting so far and I am at the stage where I am knocking it in quite hard so I don't think there will be any problems. Thank you for your help when ordering etc and I will recommend you to other cricketers in my area as I was very impressed with service and price. Kind regards, 

Singleton NSW, Australia

Hello mate,

I haven't received those as yet but I was going to come to your Bradman night anyway!!! Don't know if Roy will be able to join me but my father is over from UK at the mo and he loves his cricket too. we are really looking forward to it! I'm chuffed with my bat, I didn't manage to use it in anger but I've had loads of nets and the feel is excellent. I'm going home in June/July for the Ashes and I shall play a couple of games with it then. Have you got any larger sizes of Padman shorts yet? Good luck with the new centre and I'll see you next week. Thanks for thinking of us. Cheers,

Fremantle, Australia

Hello Phil,

Received the pads yesterday and must say that we were all very impressed with their quality at training tonight. I was a little dubious about the standard of quality that I would receive in a pad that cost so little but these pads as you said are easily the equivalent of a £70 pad.

Your Sawar pads are in fact lighter and better than the < > I bought last year and they cost me £65 on special which is more than double what I just paid you.

Have seen you carry Bradbury bats now as well so I will shortly be placing an order for a Sovereign as your price for this bat is very competitive and they are difficult to find in the UK. Could you please advise how much the shipping will be for a bat to my same address?

Thanks "mate"

Swindon, England

Thank you Middlepeg ‘Support Staff’ for sorting out the extra pair of inners – for some reason he really thinks he needs them now that Alan and I are using them, even though he is only 15. Your website is now firmly on our favourites list and your it for cricket gear from now on.


Hello David

You were right, it is a belter. Have run it in now {Bradbury Sovereign bat} and having owned dozens of bats I finally have one that I am so totally in love with…the middle is just awesome. Brilliant guys.

BTW, it sleeps under my bed!

Birmingham, England

Hello Middlepeg,

It was and always will be a great pleasure ordering cricket supplies from you. Your prices are smashing. Your service and dispatch times are fast, even though you are half way around the world for me. The range of cricket bats you carry are just awesome, the Bradbury Sterling bat I got from you, wow, jaw dropping serious piece of wood you picked for me, no one could have done a better job. The Morrant pads I purchased from Middlepeg , I just love playing with them. Middlepeg will always get my business for my personal cricketing supplies.

Jay Patel

To those who are reading..... 
We bought 2 Laver &Wood Private Bin collection bats from Middlepeg. It is to the exact specification and let me tell is a beauty!! Having shopped on-line for many years, dealing with Middlepeg was the easiest experience I've ever had in buying any kind of merchandise over the web!! They are extremely knowledgeable and courteous!! David knows his products and the shipment was amazingly quick (6 days to NZ from NJ)!! He takes personal interest in the services rendered which is very rare in any business. He truly has set an example for other vendors of all sorts. It was a pleasure dealing with Middlepeg and David. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, BRO !!

Mack Rao & Deepesh Vellore

David, so nice to hear from you; in reply, the bat is superb, first time out Matt scored 17 runs from 11 balls which made him teams second highest scorer, quite an achievment for someone who often doesnt get to bat. Seriously the service we recieved from middlepeg was brilliant faster than most companies in this country and we will definitely call again when we need anything for the cricket side of my sporty sons life, its just a shame you don't do rugby as well then we in England would be in seventh heaven.

Regards Mary Hescroff & Matt 
Dorset, England

So far this season, two matches have been cancelled and this weekend's match saw our top order do well enough to keep me on the bench. The only match in which I did bat saw me driving straight to cover for a second ball duck! [Driven quite forcefully with my big new Bradbury Sovereign, I might add. I hope I didn't crack the poor chap's ribs.] I will certainly write when I have more to praise about the product. As in my previous email, the service you provide is outstanding. Receiving a handcrafted bat made to my specifications, on the other side of the world, in five days (including a weekend) is a level of service which should be emulated by many more companies. Keep up the good work.


Bob McMillen
Schenectady, NY USA

Hi Middlepeg

Thanks very much for my cricket gear, it arrived yesterday, as you said, and they are fantastic. The quality is great and they look really good as well.

I will be in touch soon with my next order.

Thanks again

Bendigo, Australia

Just wanted to write to say thankyou for the goods, they all arrived safely and in perfect condition. I am very impressed with the quality of the bat and look forward to using it soon. I have already begun using the pads and gloves. Great quality and extremely light- weight.

Anyway, thanks again for you great service and prices. I think everyone appreciates your kind of service and product.

Look forward to hearing from you in the near future with the other gear.


Canberra, Australia

I first discovered Middlepeg by accident while shopping online for a new cricket bat. None of the general searches I had entered had thrown them up, until I think the very last one I tried. At first glance, their equipment and price list were the best I had found to date at that stage, and I decided to drop them a mail, requesting a quote. Forgetting they were in Australia, and in my impatience, I decided to call them to make sure they received my mail. It was about 23h00 Australian time, but David was still at the office, working away at his orders. We had a good chat about things, and he assured me that my mail would be answered by morning. On checking my mail the next day, Middlepeg had responded with my quote, and plenty of helpful advice about the order and cricket equipment in general. I can tell you quite honestly that I'd had neither the level of service, or considered thought in many dealings with other suppliers so far, as I'd had in just this single dealing with Middlepeg. The prices of the equipment on offer were simply unbeatable. For the prices quoted, I would be able to purchase a bat, the CA Sawar, and pads and gloves, CA Gold, inclusive of shipping to Aberdeen in Scotland, for (much) less than the cost of just a bat, of inferior quality, anywhere locally. I had explained my concerns to David about buying a bat over the net, as I could not be there to inspect it myself. In response to this, he assured me that he would select a bat specially for me, to suit my game, and like all of their customers, I received a photo of the bat in evidence of this. The photo, and David's assertion that the bat was, in his words, a "belter", and their already impressive record of going to great lengths to assure me of their best intentions, I went ahead with the order. They treated the bat with oil, and edged and faced it for me - at minimal cost - posted the kit on a Tuesday, and I had it in my hands on the Friday afternoon - 3 days delivery all the way from Aus. I was blown away! The quality was immediately obvious. I have since taken the time to run the bat in, and have used it for the first time this past weekend. I didn't get many, but the bat is a dream - the best balanced bat I think I have ever used, and the power is considerable.

In looking for a supplier, I had come across many who had made the promise of great things - service and quality wise - but, in trying them, they were either not interested, or interested only in making a sale and taking your money. Middlepeg are the genuine article when it comes to delivering quality product, at more than reasonable prices, and all with the greatest of customer care. I doubt very much that I will ever buy my kit from anywhere else.

Steven Anderson 
Aberdeen, Scotland

Hello David,

James from the Prague Cricket Club here.

You mentioned a while ago about an individual Bradbury bat for players if they wanted one. I've just had a swing with one of the club Bradbury bats you sent us, and Lord, are they beautiful bats! How would I go about ordering a Bradbury for myself.


Prague Cricket Club 
Czech Republic

Thanks for the prompt expedition of our order - we really were desperate to make sure the game could go ahead next weekend. Now so long as the monsoons stay away we will get that trophy back.

BTW, some of the others said they would be in contact with you for some personal gear of their own so keep an eye out - I have already advised them they better get in contact asap if they want it for the big game.

Yours with thanks

Stephen Wan 
Hong Kong

My name is Anuraj and for the past year and a half I was searching around for the pads Sachin Tendulkar wears. Now, after extensive research and inquiry I always got nowhere. Even last year I went on www. <blanked out>.com and ordered a pair that to me on internet looked like Sachin's leg guard. But alas! it wasn't even close. It had three straps and it was not as light as it looks on Sachin's legs. So, my research took me to www. <blanked out > .com one day. And I was really excited to see that they had the pads I was looking for. 

So, I emailed them and was very disappointed to see that it will cost me another $150 just for shipping and it will take around 20-25 days for delivery. I was very very disappointed. So, I thought I'll forget about the pads and maybe someday if I go to England I will buy them there. But one day I was browsing on the internet and typed Ultralite Pads and I came across and I was amazed to see that they offered these pads and at an amazing shipping cost and delivery time. I thought it was too good to be true and most importantly it had everything I needed to know about those pads including a real good story behind these leg guards. 

So, I emailed them and was amazed to get a reply in a day from David the manager. Since, that day I was personally given a lot of attention by David himself and always sent me prompt emails regarding my pads. At the end I placed my order and was amazed to receive the pads in 5 working days here in Calgary. I was so crazy about the pads that I wanted to know every single shipping detail. For this, there is an arrangement at Middlepegs website. I was able to track my order and boy was I going nuts. 

As soon as I heard that door bell ring and saw the TNT truck parked outside I knew it was the time...the pads were here. And I couldn't believe the was sooooooo light..i also had a masuri helmet in it but it was just sooooooooo light even with the helmet and all the wrapping. The packing was amazing there is no way, with that kind of packing that my pads or helmet or even a bat would get damaged. 

I opened the package and was amazed to see the pads. Finally my wait was over and I am sure I will always remember Middlepeg and David especially for all his help and support. 

Thanks a lot guys. You've been wonderful and I am so proud to deal with Middlepeg because they are people like me or anybody else… always involved in cricket and doing the best they can for mankind involved in cricket. From now there is no way I will be buying my equipment from anybody else… and tell you frankly.... I have a bat in mind as well for next season. and with the bat information I've got through middlepeg...ohhhh i can't wait to order my bat. 


Anuraj G. 
Ontario, Canada


The bat just arrived. Sensational service, really happy with the product, the instructions and above all the great price.


Kent Hannam 
Victoria, Australia

Middlepeg is the great way to go for your cricket shopping. Recently I bought Morrant Pads - I know Sachin wears them and as soon as I found out about Middlepeg I called them in Australia from USA and talked to David. He boosted my confidence about the Morrant Ultralite Pads. I told him I wanted them quickly and from Australia to NJ USA I got them in 3 days - I couldn't believe that. David promised the date and I got them on time. He knows his customer needs very well. I am for sure going to buy my cricket needs from them anytime in the future.

Jignesh Desai Passaic 
New Jersey, USA

The bat arrived this morning. It is awesome. You did a great job in running the bat in. Thanks for everything, especially the excellent service.


Peter Hunter
Armidale, NSW Australia

Thanks for the AWB info. Bat arrived early this afternoon and looks great. Thanks for your prompt service and will use you guys again in the future.


Trevor Hayes
Toronto, Canada

Just a short note to thank you for your service and advise on the purchase of my sons cricket bat. It arrived at my office the Friday before Christmas, and I was just as excited as my boy was finding it under the tree. Knocking it in drove my wife nuts, but for me, therapy for the soul. The big day came last Saturday, first game back after Christmas and all his mates wanted to feel the hand crafted bat with the big bow.It is no longer called a bat, it is "The Bradbury". 

Batting at first drop, the little bugger was almost willing his team mates to get out so he could try out "The Bradbury". 

He ended the day with 72 n/o, his second best score,and just missed his first six. In his words "Its a mad bat with heaps of power", obviously a very happy customer. I am sure all his cricket mates are bugging their parents for a bat like "The Bradbury", and I have no hesitation recommending Middlepeg. 

Best regards,

Glen A. Fraser 
Sydney, NSW Australia

David, I hope this e-mail finds you well. Couple of months ago I bought a Bradbury Majestic from you with my own specifications. I am impressed with the shape and the lift of the bat. It became an extension of my body after few practices. I have already played 2 league games and had the fortune of scoring a 50. After I made my 50 few of the opponent players approached me with questions about the bat. I would definitely recommend this bat to anybody who wants to spend few extra bucks and more bangs for it. Also, I would highly recommend to put extra extra attention in kno


Dallas, TX

David, I owe you a very, very big thanks. I received my new helmet on Thursday which took the 4-5 days to get to me just as you said it would. The helmet is fantastic, incredibly light and as I found out on Saturday the Titanium is as strong as they say! I opened the batting on Saturday in a pre-season friendly. The second ball I faced was short enough for me to go on the back foot and look to pull. I did just that but the ball climbed very steeply and quickly, probably due to the early season track we were on and for the first time in my cricketing career I was hit in the head area. The Titanium grill took the full brunt of a new ball. Everything stayed in place, the grill did its job and I didn't have to go to the emergency room!!! If I hadn't received the helmet in the time for the weekend I probably would have batted with out one, the outcome would have been a bit different I'm sure.

Thanks again to Middlepeg for your expeditious shipping!!!

A very happy customer. 

David Caldwell
Philapelphia USA

Hi Anna, Thanks for your quick response and the clarification. The bat is for my boyfriend and I'm so excited for him to see it. I'd like to also tell you how wonderful your guys have been. Were it not for them I'm sure I would've opted not to get a bat, something I know very little about. They were extremely helpful and made me feel confident about my choice. I will refer your company to other girlfriends and wives of cricketers in the US!

Warm regards, 

Silver Springs, 
Maryland USA

Hi all,

We arrived yesterday afternoon and our friends had kindly collected the shirt on Friday (as you had promised).

It looks GREAT!! Please give Shane Warne our very grateful thanks. Will have the camera ready tomorrow night as Bob's face will be a sight when he opens the parcel.

Have passed on your site address on to alot of our Kiwi friends and will be in touch again when we want to purchase any cricket memorabillia.

Thanks again for your wonderful and very successful efforts.

Kindest regards

Diane Fortune. 
New Zealand

Got the bat yesterday and you were right, it is a real beauty. I gave it a bit of a knocking last night and couldn't resist having a tap with a ball and it comes of the bat a treat. The weight of it and the pick up is spot on. I had my mates clamouring just to feel it and at least two people yesterday took your website address to place an order for a Bradbury themselves merely on the basis of looking at, and holding, my new one!!

I wanted to check with you about knocking/running it in. I know you guys have oiled it and put the facing on it, but how much, if any, of a knock have you given it? I just want to know as I want to get it prepared just right, as it would be a shame to spoil such a magnificent piece of willow with under or over knocking.

Thanks again for all the care and attention you put into my order - much appreciated.

I'll definitely be back to order from you again in the future for all my own, and my team's, cricket needs.

Kind regards

Jeremy Leese 
Hamilton, Bermuda

I have found Middlepeg to be very knowledgeable about the cricket gear they are selling and they understand what I need to maximize my game. I like the fact that they carry top of the line cricket equipment, as I am very particular about my cricket gear in particular my bats. I was thoroughly pleased with my hand made Laver and Wood and I will surely be ordering more gear in the future. Thanks Middlepeg 

Jermaine D Postethlwaite 

Hello guys,

Just wanted to share my cricket news. Been having a wonderful time practicing with the SCCA (Southern California Cricket Assoc.) guys here in Los Angeles. Been learning so much (including an understanding of just how much more I have to learn). Been happy to pick up some skills, with the hope I might get good enough to play in some 3rd division games next season.

Well, last Sunday I enjoyed a very unexpected opportunity.

I'd gone down to the cricket grounds to support my favorite 1st division team in their big match of the year, when the captain of a social league team playing at the opposite field came running over desperately looking for an eleventh man. I told him I had little to offer but enthusiasm, but that proved enough! Suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, I was in my very first cricket match!!!

We batted first in a 30 overs match. Being tenth in the line up I never dreamed I would come to bat. But suddenly we started losing wickets and with 26 overs down, yours truly took the strike. Imagine how I must have felt! First time actually standing at the crease. First bowl hit my foot (and I might have been called LBW --but the decision went my way). Next bowl I settled my mind and whack! Got a single. Then Alex (the other batsman and I formed a nice partnership--with me running like hell trying fairly successfully to turn most of his shots into doubles. Took the strike 3 more times and each time hit the first bowl for a single. So at the end of the 30 overs, I walked off the field with 4 runs (not out), with the biggest grin on my face you have ever seen.

I should also mention that on one of my runs a fielder attempting to throw me out got a little wild and struck me hard on the helmet with a violently thrown ball. A gasp could be heard all around when that ball crashed against my head. But despite the tremendous force of the blow, I barely felt a thing--I was amazed. The Masuri helmet more than paid for itself in its very first outing. Had I not been wearing a helmet, I'm sure I would have been carried of the field, or worse. As it was, all I experienced was a little "plinking" sound. The helmet-as you told me it would be-is brilliant. Thank you so much for convincing me this was THE ONE to own. Couldn't be more impressed with the protection, and the comfort of the Masuri.

I had noticed that many guys on that very hot day (97 f) were not wearing helmets while batting, and I could see why. I checked out some of the other helmets discovered they were heavy, unwieldy and undoubtedly uncomfortable to wear. The Masuri is so much lighter and better designed than the others that there is no reason NOT to wear it. Even in the brutal heat it was quite comfortable and cool.

Needless to say anytime I'm at the crease I will be wearing my Masuri helmet.

Thanks again with all the help putting my kit together.


William Cartwright "A new convert to the game & loving it" 
San Francisco, USA

Middlepeg --

I just wanted to let you know that I have, in fact, received the second shipment on the cricket ball, and I greatly appreciate your help and assistance with my purchase (and thanks for the cricket books!). You guys are great, and I'll be sure to recommend you to anyone who's interested in cricket-related merchandise.

Thanks again!

Regards: Anita A. Lipke, 
PharmD Braintree, 
Massachusetts USA

Thanks Glen,

The Bradbury has arrived and I am absolutely impressed. It looks and feels awesome. I cannot wait to run it in. Thank you so much for the speedy service and I will be passing on the Middlepeg website to my team mates.

S Lin
Sydney, Australia

Hi guys,

As I mentioned earlier heres my impression of the Morrant Ultralite pads. Well couple of weeks ago I spent some time with VVS Laxman when he was down here in Brisbane to play the matches . yup the man himself (he hails from my hometown and plays with my best mate back home in India). Anyway in the practice sessions I couldn't help but notice his pads (Morrant Ultralite pads). I had never seem them for real before so the ease with which Laxman was moving around in them got my attention and I couldn't believe how light they were. He was all in praise of the pads and mentioned the fact that he really enjoyed them. I decided if these pads were good enough for Tendulkar, VVS and Ganguly then they were good enough for me :)...I must admit after playing couple of games in them and few net sessions I have really started to like them. Its unreal how light they are and especially playing the long innings they don't tire your legs as much. Although they are pricey, considering they last for a long time I think I will enjoy them for a long time. So I recommend them very highly to anyone who is interested. I appreciate your co-operation in talking to me about the pads and the prompt delivery of the item. I look forward to doing further business with you and wish you all the luck... !


Suren Brisbane, 

This season i started using Bradbury cricket bats from Middlepeg Cricket centre and have found them to be the amazing Cricket bats i have ever used (and i have had plenty!!) David and his team go out of their way evert time to make sure that my new Bradbury is as good as or better than the last one. He always makes sure they are made to my exact specifications, something which im VERY fussy about. No request when it comes to my bats has ever been to much to ask for... he even had one made for me by Paul Bradbury while he was still in the UK and had Paul bring it back with him. I cant reccomend Middlepeg highly enough for any of your Cricket equipment requirments. I cant ever see myself getting my bats from anywhere else, the service is first class."


To Anna and the Middle Stump crew,

Got the awesome stick this morning which I cant believe as I only spoke with you guys yesterday. The courier dropped it off just now while I was on the PC. It looks great and has tempted me to think about playing again. Am sure my young lad will love it - he better love it as his mum has bought him a few pressies as well!!


Mick Adams 
Darwin, Australia

Hi David,

The remaining scoreboards arrived this morning.

The large scoreboard was unpacked this morning and we are impressed. The numbers are large and easy to operate.

Les Burdett the Adelaide Oval, ground manager is going to use the large scoreboard this weekend at Adelaide Oval during the two Women's National League matches SA versus Queensland on Saturday and Sunday. Les is very impressed.

Thank you for your prompt attention to our request.

Paul Begg 
Adelaide Oval 
South Australian Cricket Association

Having been looking for a new bat for a while, and seeing the same stuff over and over in Adelaide's sports stores, I felt like going for something a bit different, and having already bought other gear through Middlepeg I thought I'd blow my Christmas allowance on the entry level Bradbury Sovereign, which was on par with a lot of other bats for sale anyway. I must say it was a bit of a leap of faith buying a bat without having physically picked it up, but the guys at Middlepeg were very good in answering all my questions regarding the weight of the bat and what I could expect. The turnaround time from placing my order to having it arrive at my office was about a week all up, which was about as good as anyone could expect given that it was in the peak cricket-gear-buying season.

The first thing I noticed about the bat was the fantastic build quality - stand it next to any mass-produced bat and the difference is huge. I was tempted to just sit it in the lounge room and keep it as an objet d'art, but the Mrs quickly informed me that this was not going to happen, so I went ahead and knocked it in (subsequently causing her to leave the house for a couple of days to escape the noise - that'll learn her). The second thing I noticed about the bat was the amount of interest it generated when I showed up at practice with it for the first time - there was much bat-tapping, grain counting and other general interest in something that was an obvious rarity in our grade of cricket. But the most impressive thing to date about the bat is the performance out in the middle. Being a pretty ordinary batsman means you get to test out just about every off-centre spot on a bat, and in my first innings using the new toy it was clear that the old hand-jarring I was accustomed to with my old faithful was seriously reduced, even off mis-hit shots high on the splice or off the toe. The few that I did get out of the middle went at least as well as any other bat I've used, but it really is the off-centre ones that were the nicest surprise. The pick up on the bat is also extremely light - the Bradbury is between 1 and 2 ounces heavier than my previous bat but feels significantly lighter to use, and really is a pleasure to bat with.

In short, top bat, top service, and certainly something that stands out in a crowd as being a bit different.

Cheers and Merry Christmas,

Mark D. 
South Australia

Hi Guys

My Bradbury arrived this morning. Thanks a lot for your help and for the very efficient service. Its meant to be a Christmas present so its great that it arrived so quickly. I certainly will be using your service again in the future.

Kind Regards

Nick Farley
United Kingdom

Hi David

I just wanted to say thankyou for all your help and guidance. The Laver and Wood Private Bin is just outstanding ,and without a doubt the BEST piece of willow I have ever held, James Laver like you, know exactly what he is taking about!

Also the Morrant Ultralite Pads are amazing to say the least! Everything you said and wrote about them are absolutely correct!

And now to your service (my favourite part!)....... You are the most customer focused individual I have ever met. I have been in the service industry for going on 21 years and to say your service is outstanding is an absolute understatement. I put it down to your sincere love of all things cricket.

Thanks again David for all your advice, and believe me I will be recommending you to anyone willing to listen!

Kind Regards

Cliff White
Perth Western Australia

Dear David,

Thanks for the pads, I received them this morning and they are just amazing. I've never seen anything better. I'm just in love with these Ultralites.

Thank you very much again

Hong Kong