In our continual quest to bring you the best quality cricket equipment Middlepeg went on a search for a range of sunglasses suitable for both on and off field use.

The ambit and requirements for our sunglass range was very clear. Our sunglasses needed to meet the strictest levels of safety and comply with all associated standards (both Australian Standards & European Standards). Our range of sunglasses also needed to be practical, long lasting (we are all tired of continually buying sunglasses) and provide excellent performance in both on and off field applications.

Results of our search actually found 3 or 4 suitable brands of sunglasses. All of these sunglasses met our requirements but one clearly stood out against the others in that they actually outperformed most of the other sunglasses in viewing performance and protection and also offered a clear advantage in value above all other brands. On top of all this our chosen brand of sunglasses are practicably indestructible and come with a complete Lifetime Warranty.

Middlepeg is accordingly delighted to offer the complete range of D'Arcs Sunglasses and Accessories.


D'Arcs range of Eye Care Systems is Middlepegs chosen and recommended brand of sunglasses for use in both on field cricket (and sports in general) and off field use as well. Not only do D'Arcs range of sunglasses perform exceptionally well but they are also indestructible and come with a Lifetime Warranty against accidental breakage.

  • 100% Filtration of harmful UVA & UVB
  • Lenses made from Bayer "Makrolon"
  • All D'Arcs sunglasses meet with the relevant Australian Standards AS 1067.1 & AS 1137 as well as European Eye Protection Standards EN 1836:1997
  • All D'Arcs Sunglasses come with a Protective Pouch and Neck Chord
  • Large range of Frame colours and Lens colours - suitable for every application. You can also choose your own colour and fashion scheme as all D'Arcs sunglasses and parts are completely interchangeable
  • Middlepeg carries the complete range of D'Arcs sunglasses and parts

D'Arcs Sunglasses are available as both a 'Single' and a 'Set' (see below). With a 'Set' you receive a pair of Sunglasses plus your choice of 2 extra lenses which effectively means you have 3 pairs of Sunglasses.