As keen supporters of the drive to see the great game of cricket being played all around the world, Middlepeg in conjunction with the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the European Cricket Council (ECC) has set up a sensational Subsidy Program to support, promote and heavily subsidise cricket all over the world.

Whilst cricket is a mainstream sport in many countries there are even more developing cricket nations where cricket is played by a small number of passionate cricket fans who are dedicated to see cricket played by a wider population in their country. These dedicated cricketers and administrators from all over the non traditional cricketing world put countless hours of work and preparation into organising leagues, games and other activities all in an effort to see cricket in their country being played and promoted. Middlepeg has dealt with many of these clubs and delegates from all over the world and we take our hats off and thoroughly commend all those dedicated to promoting the game wherever you may be.

The Middlepeg Subsidy Program is primarily set up to help clubs and cricket leagues from all over the world to obtain quality equipment (at what are the best prices in the world full stop!) with fast and efficient shipping (4 to 7 day world wide delivery) at what are heavily subsidised rates. Under the Middlepeg Subsidy Program all clubs and leagues from non traditional cricketing countries qualify for this deal which is effectively a non profit cost price exercise by Middlepeg aimed quite simply at promoting the game and helping those many passionate cricket administrators thanklessly promoting the game themselves. If Middlepeg can help the development and promotion of cricket all around the world then the establishment of the ICC & ECC Middlepeg Subsidy Program is our absolute pleasure.

Qualification for the Middlepeg Subsidy Program is simple and uncomplicated as at the end of the day we want to see cricket being played all around the world by clubs in organised leagues. Listed below are delegates from a number of countries qualified under our European Subsidy Program (click here to go to the European Cricket Councils Middlepeg subsidy program ).

For club delegates and administrators not on this list or not in Europe that is not a problem as Middlepeg welcomes hearing from clubs or leagues from all over the world to take advantage of our Subsidy Program. Aside from dealing with non traditional cricket countries as diverse as Croatia, Germany and the Czech Republic Middlepeg also deals with the USA, Canada and Hong Kong to name a few outside Europe. Again, we must stress here that we openly welcome and encourage contact from clubs and leagues all over the world so as to help with the promotion of your club, league and cricket in general. Our Subsidy Program has been set up for this very reason.

Playing Cricket in Non Traditional Cricketing Nations

With some of Middlepegs staff having lived and worked all over the world we are well versed with the needs and requirements of clubs and leagues from non traditional cricketing nations. We know and understand that there are no local sources of cricket equipment in your country which makes the normally simple task of getting even basic equipment a difficult logistical mission. Basic equipment like bats and balls are the obvious shortages but its also other simple things like 'umpires counters', 'scorebooks' or 'stumps and bails' which many traditional clubs take for granted that must all be brought in from overseas.

Under the guidelines of our Subsidy Program it is our genuine desire to ensure that the complete range and entire scope of cricket equipment is offered. Here our expertise is crucial and comes into play as we offer solutions for all equipment, budgets and scenarios not matter what your specific requirements are.

Some Clubs and Leagues that contact us have a general idea of what they require but there are some starting off for the first time that need guidance on what is required to get their club or league up and running. For those that need some help Middlepeg has simple guidelines and a procedure to guide you through organising equipment and supplies for your club or league.

Factors such as budgets, number of players and or teams in your club or league, number of clubs in your league, pitches played on, appropriate balls to use and many other factors are all covered through a simple liaison process designed to ensure the absolute best order being placed at the best price as well.

Club and League Orders

In this section we have mentioned the terms 'Club' or 'League Orders'. This terminology is very much a result of Middlepegs research into cricket being played in non traditional cricketing countries. Middlepeg has identified that it is often far better and advantageous for a League to order equipment for say some or all the clubs in its league. Under the guidelines of a League Order Middlepeg liaises with both the League and the Clubs in that specific League so as to organise equipment for everyone in that competition.

This offers tremendous advantages in terms of both monetary savings for all equipment ordered, sensational 4 to 6 day world wide shipping rates as well as Middlepeg taking care of all the logistics and organisation of such an operation. Further to this will be the application of our Subsidy Program to further support the order.

Though League Orders arrive in one shipment the individual club order items are all clearly labeled and simply organised to easily distribute or pickup from one central  location for all the clubs involved.

To further assist, Middlepegs League Orders do not need to be actually organised by a league or body as Middlepeg will liaise with other clubs in the area or country for you if there is a chance that other clubs need equipment as well. Effectively, Middlepeg handles everything including the initial contacting and complete order liaising and processing as well. This service is part of our quest to help ensure that cricket is played, promoted and thrives all around the world.

For any questions or further information on Club or League Orders please do not hesitate to contact us. It will be Middlepegs pleasure to ensure your Club or League receives the ultimate in both service and equipment as sending orders to all corners of the globe is a Middlepeg specialty.

By the way, a question often asked here is "Can any individual player at a club order a personal item for themselves and include it within the Subsidy Order?". The answer here is yes. This means that should any player or players wish to buy their own bat or other cricket equipment they can do so under the Subsidy Program. This gives players a chance to get what is the best equipment in the world at unbelievable prices!

Middlepeg thanks the ICC & ECC

Middlepegs quest to help promote cricket all over the world was high on the agenda of our staff on a trip to England in 2001. On this trip our staff had meetings with the European arm of the International Cricket Council based at the home of world cricket - Lords Cricket Ground in London.

In our meetings with the European Cricket Council it was with much pleasure that we witnessed the genuine enthusiasm of staff there to ensure the game of cricket grows throughout Europe and indeed the world. Subsequent meetings have been both enjoyable and productive with all parties clearly interested in doing what was best for the game of cricket.

Middlepeg sincerely thanks staff at the European Cricket Council with particular thanks going out to Ian and Alison for their tremendous help and friendliness.

Middlepeg invites you to visit both the ICC and ECC websites by clicking on their logos below.



List of European Delegates & Countries

Below is a list of the European countries from non traditional cricketing nations from which clubs and leagues qualify for the Middlepeg Subsidy Program. Please remember though that this list is not a complete list of countries able to qualify for our Subsidy. As mentioned above for club delegates and administrators not on this list or not in Europe that is not a problem as Middlepeg welcomes hearing from clubs or leagues from all over the world to take advantage of our Subsidy Program.



               Austria     Azerbaijan     Belarus   
        Belgium     Bulgaria     Croatia     Cyprus     
                  Czech Republic     Denmark     
     Finland     France     Germany     
                 Gibraltar     Greece     Holland     
             Hungary     Iceland     Israel     Italy
                       Luxembourg     Malta     
                Norway     Poland     Portugal
       Romania     Scotland     Slovenia     Spain
             Sweden     Switzerland     Ukraine