Brand & Model Description Price
CA Gold
Thigh Pad
Uniquely moulded bubble thigh pad from patented EVA.
With elastic Velcro strapping.
$24 Aud
CA Padman
Exclusive, innovative & latest modern day cricket design.
Comfortable boxer type shorts with inner & outer thigh protection.
$38 Aud
Bradbury Stirling
Thigh Pad
Custom made top Bradbury model with towelling. $44 Aud
Bradbury Thigh Pad Moulded Moulded bubble type thigh pad with towelling. $22 Aud
AS Chest Guard AS Cricket Chest GuardCustom moulded Chest Guard to protect you when you come up against the most brutal of bowling. Wide strap ensures support and comfort. Super light and protective composite foam design. $28 Aud
AS Arm Guard AS Cricket Arm GuardArm Guards have become increasingly popular due to their now lightweight design, comfort and protective ability. Feedback from cricket coaches supports the thinking that players should at all costs ensure they are behind the line of the ball and the arm guard allows players to do this without thinking about the unpredictable bounce off a suspect wicket. Super light and protective composite foam design. $14 Aud
AS Thigh Pad AS Cricket Thigh PadSpecially requested design ensures that this Thigh Pad protects in all the right places without any cumbersome restrictions in movement all too often seen in some Thigh Pad designs. Composite super light protective foam design with towel backing ensuring total comfort against the skin. $22 Aud
Ihsan Crown Thigh Pad  Custom moulded thigh pad - top comfort, protection and value $25 Aud


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