Middlepegs status as the worlds number one online seller of custom handmade cricket bats sees us being regularly approached by bat makers and companies asking us to test their new products. Whilst Middlepeg has seen many new 'cricket bat concepts' both come and go (usually go) and although we are firm believers in the traditional Pod Shaving art form we are however always keen to greet such requests and approaches. The reason for this is that as sure as night follows day, one day somebody will make a quantum leap in cricket bat technology and produce a bat with leading edge design that offers clear and categorical performance advantages. The Matrix cricket Bat is one such bat that we are now very proud to offer for the very first time and exclusively on the world wide cricketing stage.

For some time now numerous cricket bat makers including some of the large cricket bat manufacturing companies have tried and tested various materials as a replacement for the age old cane handle used in cricket bats for over a hundred years now. The rationale has always been sound in that "surely there is a composite product out there which can replace a handle made of such outdated material"

The impressive profile of the Matrix cricket batsAs is often the case it has always later been discovered that cane still indeed is the best material to make bat handles from. The properties of cane allow an almost perfect degree of flex and stiffness and made properly with rubber inserts also allow much required shock absorption.

On receipt of our sample of Matrix cricket bats we were immediately impressed with both the actual bat profile and the performance of the handle itself . Traditional cane handles transfer a reasonable amount of energy into a stroke and the blade. The principle of the Matrix cricket bat sees the introduction of Kevlar to produce a super stiff handle leading to a correspondingly better transfer of energy than the traditional handle. Our initial concerns with this revolved around the handles shock absorption properties. However our testing program found that the Matrix handles (with the Kevlar insert in the centre between the rubber inserts) gave both the shock absorption of rubber and the stiffness and lightness of Kevlar.

Since our initial in house testing program 6 months ago our sample Matrix cricket bats have gone on to be used with most convincing effect in actual grade cricket and we are now accordingly delighted to exclusively offer Matrix cricket bats to the cricketing world in a Middlepeg first. Given how popular these cricket bats are becoming it is no surprise to already see other companies beginning to experiment with composite handle materials (and indeed it was funny to discover that one of the Matrix cricket bats we had used ended up being dissected, cut and analysed).

All Matrix cricket bats are all custom handmade individually for our customers. You can accordingly specify your preferred weight and any other preferences your may wish to request.


Matrix Concorde       

The worlds very first composite handled cricket bat utilising traditional Manua cane and high tech Kevlar inserts to give outstanding transfer of energy and shock absorption properties. The Concorde features an awesome bow with thick Edges. The bow and profile give the cricket bat a very light pickup. As strictly requested by Middlepeg only the best clefts of Grade One English willow are used.

Weight range - from 2lb 10oz to 3lb 3oz

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The Matrix cricket bat


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