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Recently I purchased a Laver & Wood Private Bin online through Middlepeg Cricket and I am only too delighted to say a few words about both the bat and the exceptional service from Middlepeg. After receiving the bat I was contacted by Middlepeg as part of their after sales service to ensure that I was happy with the bat. 

When I first lay eyes on my Private Bin I could hardly believe the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of it. After using it for the first time I could also hardly believe how good it felt in dispatching balls away. Having played cricket for the past 18 years I still in fact cant believe the difference between my Private Bin and the many other bats I have used and this is more than echoed by my team mates who have had a hit with it. 

I now know why so many international cricketers use bats that have been made by James Laver…I thoroughly recommend all cricketers of all levels to discover and feel the difference for themselves. 

And after having dealt with Middlepeg Cricket on a number of occasions now I also thoroughly recommend them for their service, great range and brilliant pricing. Middlepeg have proven to me that they really do have the best cricket equipment at the best prices around.

Sergio Noto
London, England

To anyone that reads this, I have played cricket and been a cricket gear junkie all my life. 5 weeks ago I purchased a bat off Middlepeg (a brilliant Laver & Wood) Cricket and I really cant believe the lengths these guys go to to make sure that my hard earned dollars are well spent and that I got the best deal possible. 

I got my custom made bat within 5 days or ordering, had it run in and faced by Middlepeg in another 4 days and was using it in a game the day after. And they have even called me a few times afterwards to make sure that I am happy with the way the bat is going! 

So here is my simple advise - I have never come across a company that cares so much about their customers so if you are buying cricket gear then get it from Middlepeg. They carry the best stuff and nobody even comes close to them on their prices. Feel free to email me directly if you like - I will vouch for these guys anytime.

R. Biddle 
Rockingham, Western Australia 

Hi David, 

I am sorry I didn't get back to you sooner and let you know how much Stephen likes his Laver & Wood bat. 

He has used it in 3 games now. Being in under 12's they are not allowed to make more than 20 runs in an innings. First game he got to bat twice and ended the day with 41 (his best ever). Game 2 he retired again with 21. Game 3 he was lucky enough to be picked to play in a combined team for our cricket association and he top scored for his team with 18. 

He is a very happy little vegemite indeed. I am sure there will be plenty of other kids and adults from the club being in touch with you about buying bats. Many of the seniors seemed very impressed with the quality of the bat. 

Anyway, thanks again for all of your help.

Debbie, John & Stephen Hill 
Victoria, Australia

Hi Phil, 

I did receive the package and thank you. The Private Bin feels absolutely sensational. It has amazing pick up and feel. I have used it in three sessions and I don't need to hit the ball hard. I play a easy stroke and the middle of the bat does everything else. I'll definitely will be purchasing another Laver & Wood bat. 

Melbourne, Australia

To those who are reading..... 

We bought 2 Laver &Wood Private Bin collection bats from Middlepeg. It is to the exact specification and let me tell you....it is a beauty!! Having shopped on-line for many years, dealing with Middlepeg was the easiest experience I've ever had in buying any kind of merchandise over the web!! They are extremely knowledgeable and courteous!! David knows his products and the shipment was amazingly quick (6 days to NZ from NJ)!! He takes personal interest in the services rendered which is very rare in any business. He truly has set an example for other vendors of all sorts. It was a pleasure dealing with Middlepeg and David. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, BRO !! 

Mack Rao & Deepesh Vellore 
NJ, U.S.A.

Ever since playing first class championship cricket in England, James has made all of my bats. Being notably choosy about bats, I would not claim to be easy to please. However, keeping an old favourite of mine as a template, James has managed to make each successive bat even better that the last. His knowledge of wood and ability to handcraft, shape and balance both handle and blade are in my opinion simply unsurpassed. He is the best batmaker around at the moment.

This is not just a personal opinion. Without being obliged to by contract, during Leicestershire's championship season of 1996, seven of us chose to use bats made by James. International cricketers feel the same about his capabilities.

As to his personal qualities, James is the most straightforward, honest and genuinely helpful man you could wish to meet. As well as caring deeply about his work, he is good company and, from observation, seems always to get on well with everyone around him.

On all counts, I recommend James highly.

Gregor Macmillan
B.A.[Hons],Dip.Soc.   Gloucestershire C.C.C & Leicestershire C.C.C.

In the past fifteen years I have used bats from most of the major cricket manufacturers. As a gear junky I have had a lot of bats and spent a fair bit of time looking at different bats.

I selected a Laver & Wood Private Bin bat based on my desire to finally have a bat that was shaped to match my style. The results have been incredible. I am middling the ball with almost all of my shots - many fewer miss hits than with other bats where the weight distribution and middle have not been made for my style.

The way the ball comes off my Laver & Wood Private Bin is so impressive compared to all the other bats I have used makes me seriously consider the rumour that the major bat manufacturers keep the best willow for their top players and the English market.

I strongly recommend having a bat made for your needs, and that you are very careful with your selection of willow - the ball is certainly leaving my Laver & Wood bat a lot faster and going a lot further than with previous bats.

Craig Thomas
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

James Laver has been making me cricket bats for the last seven years and I've never had a bad one yet. His skill as a bat maker is second to none, not only because he possesses the knowledge and experience of a true craftsman in his field but also because he has a staggering ability to produce bats suited specifically to the batsman. I only wish my ability as a batter matched his as a batmaker - I'd be world class!

I was worried when James moved to New Zealand. However good his bats were I felt that 12,000 miles would be an insurmountable proposition in terms of time and expense. As ever James proved me wrong. When the end finally came for one of my trusty blades I e-mailed James the order for a new bat and received it, made to order and knocked in, within eight days. I recommended him to a friend at the club who sent James an old bat, had it re-handled and a replica bat made and returned within 12 days, I used to think it took longer than that to send a letter to New Zealand.

Great businesses rely on quality products and top customer service. Laver and Wood Cricket Bats will exceed your expectations on both. The quality of their cricket bats is outstanding and the attention to every detail and highly personalised service likewise. I've already recommended L&W to my team-mates and will continue to do so.

Matt Evans
Exmouth, England

Laver and Wood bats are possibly the best bats on today's market. I am a very fussy user of gear in regards to cricket, and L&W have been the best consistently since James formed the company. I have used and sold almost every brand available in the market and found L&W to have all the qualities I require in a bat, which are performance (pingyness), balance, resilience, appearance and quality of willow.

I would recommend Laver and Wood to any cricketer who wants a good bat, and backup service.

Jon Hills
(alias"the batman")