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The finest custom handcrafted cricket bats for phenomenal performance!

'Laver & Wood' & Middlepeg

A Great Partnership

Laver & Wood unquestionably lay at the very forefront of the worlds finest handcrafted cricket bats.Widely regarded as one of the worlds best cricket bat makers, Master Pod Shaver James Laver individually handcrafts the finest cricket bats in the world that are today used by numerous international test cricketers across the world.

James Laver 'knocking in' a cricket bat
All Laver & Wood cricket bats are personally handcrafted by James Laver individually for you to your desired weight, balance and specifications. So whether you are playing for your club or for your country you can be sure that your Laver & Wood cricket bat will enhance both your particular style of play and your batting.

Having been fortunate to host James Laver for a Middlepeg Cricket Pod Shaving demonstration (A Night of Bradman & Blades) we have personally seen the skill and passion that James has for the art of cricket bat making. Please visit our Laver & Wood testimonials page to read comments of cricketers from all around the world who use Laver & Wood cricket bats.

The awesome profile of your typical Laver & Wood cricket batMiddlepeg supplies Laver & Wood cricket bats to cricket players from all around the world. Through Middlepeg Cricket you can custom order your Laver & Wood, have it individually handcrafted by James Laver to your desired specifications and have it delivered directly to you in around 7 days no matter where you are.

As with all of Middlepegs orders our Laver & Wood cricket bats come with Middlepegs Free bat package (valued at over $75). If you have any questions about ordering a Laver & Wood please email us at;

Laver & Wood Cricket Bats

The cricket bats below are quite simply amongst the best bats in world cricket and are used by many of the worlds best players. They also offer incredible value given the price of many bats these days. Click here to view the shape and profiles on offer.