This innovative Middlepeg service offers a unique and easy Gift buying process for those wishing to buy cricket equipment and cricket gifts for loved ones and friends be they on the other side of the world or living in the same house.

Essentially what Middlepeg does here is arrange all the necessary details, products, wrapping and even birthday, Christmas (or what ever the occasion may be) cards for a gift to be received prior to or on a certain date.

This service has proved to be extremely popular with parents, partners and friends wishing to surprise their loved ones or pals.

Middlepeg makes this process a very easy and simple step by step service for you as we actually do everything other than to finally decide what gift or item of equipment to send. We even engage in some research on your behalf to ensure that the equipment chosen is the best choice possible (see example below).

We can even write out the card for you with your choice of words and greetings. Here, you also have the option of sending us your own card and words and we will include this within the gift for an even more personal touch.

Middlepegs Gift Service has seen Christmas, birthday and special occasion gifts sent all around the world and with our efficient TNT Global Express Delivery Service your gift will always arrive on time for that ultimate present and or surprise.

Though we take pride in all services we offer we especially enjoy being a part of the Gift Service process as we have seen how much joy and surprise is brought to all parties involved.


The following is taken from our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Our son is playing cricket in England on a working holiday and we would like to send him a surprise gift for his birthday? Can Middlepeg arrange all of this with a card as well?>

Middlepeg gets all sorts of requests and we are always only too happy to help out in every way we can. The above question in fact led to Middlepegs establishment of our easy hassle free "World Wide Gift Service". In the case above we were approached by parents wanting to buy their son the best cricket bat around for his 21st birthday. We said this would not be a problem but it was a little tricky without knowing their sons personal preferences for a cricket bat as in its size and weight. What we then together coordinated was a "secret mission" with their sons best friend who was also over in England. We liased with their sons best friend and he found out from him casually through general everyday cricket conversation his preferred size and weight. We then had their sons cricket bat custom handmade for him and sent over to him by courier timed especially to arrive on his birthday. We also arranged the birthday card from his parents to come with the cricket bat as well. Apparently his jaw hit the ground with absolute delight when he saw what his parents had bought and arranged for him.