Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Here we have collected some commonly asked questions (and some not so common as well) and provided answers for them. Please just scroll down the list of questions and click on any that you would like answers for. 

Our FAQ's are divided into 4 easy to follow sections:

  1. About Middlepeg Cricket and Our Service

  2. Our range of the Worlds Best Cricket Equipment

  3. World Wide Delivery, Payment Options and Security 

  4. 'Left Field' Questions


1.  About Middlepeg Cricket & Our Service

2.  Our range of the worlds best cricket equipment

3.  World wide delivery, Payment Options & Security

4.  'Left Field' Questions


Answers to 'About Middlepeg Cricket & our Service'

Can you tell me more about Middlepeg Cricket?
We think that knowing and finding out all about the company you are dealing with is one of the most important issues when deciding who and where to buy from. Middlepeg is quite proud to reveal all there is about us and our revolutionary cricket operation…so much so in fact that we have devoted a special section for it. Please click here to go to the "All About Us" section.

Why should I buy my cricket gear from Middlepeg cricket?
Middlepeg would like to sincerely think that every single one of our customers has had the most pleasurable and rewarding buying experience with us. When we started Middlepeg it was under a few simple irrevocable guidelines:

"Offer the absolute best cricket equipment in the world at the best prices with a never before seen level of customer service and care"

This is the ambit that we all operate under here at Middlepeg and that goes for every single staff member and manufacturer that we deal with as well. Its fine for all our staff to whole heartedly believe in this but we have gone further and we only carry equipment from makers who also share this belief. 
For instance our master Pod Shavers in James Laver (Laver & Wood) and the Bradbury's treat each of the bats they handcraft as if it was being made for Sir Donald Bradman himself. Middlepeg has a close working relationship and friendship with the Bradbury's and James Laver and we know how much care and dedication goes into every single bat they make which makes it very easy to whole heartedly recommend and state that these are the best bats in the world bar none. 
The same goes for our manufacturers of products from around the world. All of our manufacturers know that if we ourselves are not happy with anything they make for us then we simply will not sell it and in fact we send it back to them. Our manufacturers have in fact supported this philosophy as it has enabled a never before seen level of feedback and opportunity for further product development and improvement. 
With regards to pricing this is simply a result of building and designing Middlepeg from the ground up. Every facet of our operation enables and supports Middlepegs ability to offer equipment at what are the best prices anywhere for what is the best equipment in the world. All overhead costs not related to customer service have simply been eliminated and this can only be done through a managerial and operational structure designed from the ground up. Third party costs (wholesalers, agents etc) have also been addressed and dealt with here as well. 
As for what has become known as our unrivalled level of "customer service" we would really prefer our customers to do all the talking here. Most of us here at Middlepeg have professional backgrounds in management and customer care related operations and this is the simplest part of any business. It really is as simple as finding out in detail what a customer really wants and then delivering on that expectation. This can only be achieved through an appropriate level of direct communication which is what Middlepeg also prides itself on. Please click here to go to our Customer Testimonials section to read the views that really counts.

How can Middlepegs prices for everything be so low?
This is a question that we are often asked as with the wonderful advent of the internet consumers have finally been able to easily research their decision making process. Our revolutionary low prices really relates directly to the structure of Middlepeg which was designed from the ground up from day one. Every Middlepeg structure and process is designed to eliminate any cost not associated with customer service. As outlined earlier (see above answer) the crucial buying process of equipment has been addressed to eliminate distribution channel costs. Distribution costs are sometimes a required element of the manufacturer to consumer process but in recent years this has become a ridiculous source of unnecessary added costs impacting ultimately and harshly on the consumer. 
As a consumer we bet you wish you had a dollar for every time you saw an internet site hailing that they have the best prices around (we certainly wish we had a dollar for every time we saw this). Though by rights and design the internet should offer consumers in all areas and industries lower prices this has unfortunately been in most cases a myth perpetuated by the hype of the net. 
Research clearly shows that prices over the net have generally not met consumers expectations for lower prices. There are many reasons for this but primarily it revolves around one fact. Businesses that have implemented an online strategy have traditionally also had 'brick and mortar' retail operation to support. If not designed from the ground up traditional brick and mortar retail operations have a heavy incumbrance of overhead costs to support. So rather than implementing an online strategy to provide lower prices for their customers their online operations have been seen as an income source (generated with lower overheads) able to subsidise the higher overhead costs of their traditional retail operations. 
Unfortunately traditional retailers with a newly implemented 'E-tail' operation are also often unable to provide lower prices on their internet sites than what they charge in their stores. If they did then their retail sales would dive as consumers would obviously be buying their products online instead of in their stores. This issue has in fact been one of the most vexing issues for businesses all over the world with the advent of the internet. Apart from some of the more 'out there concepts' of the dot com boom the rationalisation of this vexing issue is also the very reason for some of the dot com failures in recent years. 
With our collective backgrounds and industry experience the required foundations for Middlepeg was clear from day one. It had to be designed from the ground up to take advantage of and not be negatively impacted upon by the all the many opportunities, markets and business environs in the world today. Though we have an outlook which is constantly evolutionary in nature we would like to think that we have achieved what we have set out to achieve enabling Middlepeg to offer the best prices no matter where you are in the world.

(Note: There are actually a number of other marketing and managerial strategies that Middlepeg uses to deliver on our stated aims but there is only so much that we are willing to reveal)

Can we really come down to the Middlepeg Cricket Centre and actually have a hit with the full range of bats you sell?
Yes, yes and yes. This is something we are proud to offer and we cannot believe to this day that Middlepeg Cricket to our knowledge was the very first cricket operation in the world to offer this. 
We can go further here and state that we cannot believe that in many cricket shops all around the world (and collectively here we have been to most of the big and well known shops) that you are unable to even bounce a ball up and down on the bat to get a feel of its middle. 
At Middlepeg not only can you have an actual hit in our nets with the complete range of bats we offer but we will also show you once and for all the best and only way to gauge a bats middle, power, lift (or pickup) and balance. 
So not only can you have a hit with what are the very best bats in the world (Laver & Wood and Bradbury) but you can also have a hit with our very carefully selected range of best performing and value English willow bats in the world as well. Our chosen range of bats did not happen by accident - it exists only through our stringent testing program and if we sell it that quite simply means that it has passed our test program (
click here for more on the range of bats we sell and our test program). 
Perhaps one of the nicest aspects of all of this is being able to show and offer a range of bats that are 'actually' the marque of bats used in the Test and One Day International cricket arena.

I see Middlepeg has a special arrangement with the ICC (International Cricket Council) & the ECC (European Cricket Council) to supply cricket gear to all corners of the globe. Can you tell me more about this please?
This is an arrangement Middlepeg has specially entered into with the ICC and ECC to help in the global push and promotion of cricket all around the world. We actually have a dedicated section on this arrangement. Please click here for more information.

There seems to be a lot of so called online cricket shops popping up all over the place. What makes Middlepeg the best online cricket store in the world?
Yes there does indeed seem to be an increasing number of online sports and cricket shops popping up all over the world. Most of them seem to all be promising the world as well. As we said earlier we wish we had a dollar for every time we saw a site promising this and that. Funnily enough more often than not we are told about such new companies through our customers (old and new) who sometimes and unfortunately for them recite personal buying horror stories about many of them as well. 
Overall, the question above is best left to our customers to answer. We and hopefully you by now know our simple mission and philosophy - Offer the absolute best cricket gear in the world at the best prices with a never before seen level of customer service and care. Please click here to let our customers do all the talking for us and to answer the question above. 
Aside from letting our customers answer the question above Middlepeg has with some amusement seen a number of online stores begin to mirror our cricket operation and actually copy many of our own innovative services and strategies as well. Middlepeg was the first online store in the world to offer test sessions to " have a hit" with our complete range of bats. Some 2 years after this innovation of ours we are seeing brand new cricket sites coming online offering the same thing. Middlepeg was the very first cricket operation in the world to supply custom hand made bats for customers from the best 2 bat makers in world cricket - James Laver and the Bradbury's. 
Many of Middlepegs innovative services and 'firsts' still remain unmatched around the world however and either way, it is perhaps a compliment to be so consistently copied by other websites. Amazingly though with one of those new online cricket sites we discovered they were actually plagiarising our exact website text. We could hardly believe our eyes when we saw it. 
In summary, we simply go back to our customers to answer why Middlepeg is the best and premier online cricket shop in the world.

Our son is playing cricket in England on a working holiday and we would like to send him surprise gift for his birthday. Can Middlepeg arrange all of this with a card as well?
Middlepeg gets all sorts of requests and we are always only too happy to help out in every way we can. The above question in fact led to Middlepegs establishment of our easy hassle free "World Wide Gift Service". 
In the case above we were approached by parents wanting to buy their son the best bat around for his 21st birthday. We said this would not be a problem but it was a little tricky without knowing their sons personal preferences for a bat as in its size and weight. What we then together coordinated was a "secret mission" with their sons best friend who was also over in England. 
We liaised with their sons best friend and he found out from him casually through general everyday cricket conversation his preferred size and weight. We then had their sons bat custom handmade for him and sent over to him by courier timed especially to arrive on his birthday. We also arranged the birthday card from his parents to come with the bat as well. Apparently his jaw hit the ground with absolute delight when he saw what his parents had bought and arranged for him. 
Please click here for more information on our easy hassle free "World Wide Gift Service".

My husband & I would like to buy a bat for our 12 year old son but we need some help deciding which size bat he should use. Can you help please?
As with the case above Middlepeg delights in making the decision making process as easy as possible. Whether you are a representative cricketer or as above a mum or dad wanting some help with a bat for their 12 year old our customer service really is second to none. In the above case we ended up getting the height and weight of their son as well as the exact size and weight of his current bat as well to help decide which size bat to go for. At the end of it their son ended up getting a custom handmade Harrow size bat made by the very same master Pod Shaving hands that makes bats for many international Test cricketers - and it all cost under Aus $200 (around US $115) delivered to their door with a complete bat package as well.

I am from a country where cricket is only played by a few people and cricket gear is hard to obtain. How can Middlepeg help?
There are actually two prongs to this answer. 
The first is that Middlepeg quite literally sends cricket equipment to all corners of the globe. From Canada to South Africa, the USA to Asia, the United Kingdom and Europe…you name it and we have probably sent cricket equipment there. So no matter where you are in the world we can send it to you and usually within only 2 to 4 days hand delivered to your door as well. 
The second prong to this answer relates to Middlepegs ICC & ECC Subsidised Program. Please click here for more information on this.

Our cricket club is looking to get some equipment. In what ways can Middlepeg help?
Middlepeg are specialists in the compilation of kits for cricket clubs and leagues all around the world. We have put together kits of all sizes and formulations at prices which are even better than our already 'best prices around policy' as well. 
Every single staff member at Middlepeg has backgrounds in the cricket industry and the running of clubs as well - we know our equipment and we know what clubs need. From having you bats arrive run in and ready to use to embroidering your clubs shirts and hats and everything else in between we have done it and are currently doing it. Indeed most of our club orders come from recommendations from cricket clubs who have used us. The very best form of advertising is word of mouth which is why Middlepeg is seen as the source for all future equipment for ever by clubs that we have dealt with. 
Please click here to go to our Clubs Section.

Is it true that individuals at clubs can also get the 'club prices' for their own personal cricketing items when their club places a 'Clubs Order' with Middlepeg?
Middlepeg often receives requests from individual players when their club is ordering cricket equipment from us. Middlepeg has a policy of also offering a 'club pricing policy' for any individuals who may wish to buy their own personal and special bat or cricket gear. This in effect means that again what are already the best prices around become even better.

I am new to cricket and I am not sure what kind of bat and leg guards to buy. I am especially unsure of what weight and size my bat should be. Can you please help me out with this?
It really is Middlepegs pleasure to welcome all new players to the world of cricket and we do everything possible to ensure that your involvement in the great game of cricket is complimented with the most appropriate equipment suitable for you and your circumstances.

Answers to 'Our range of the worlds best cricket equipment'

I see that you say Laver & Wood and Bradbury are without hesitation the best bats around and are used by many of the worlds best international cricketers. If so many Test players are using them how come we cant see the bats being used?
This 'apparent' anomaly is only 'apparent' as you actually do see Laver & Wood and Bradbury bats being used. You just don't know it as they are all being used with other companies sponsoring labels over them. 
The majority of players on the international cricket arena are sponsored by cricket companies and as part of their sponsorship arrangement they are required to use that companies labels on the bats they use. More often than not a player uses their choice and preferred marque of bat and to full fill their sponsorships contractual arrangements they just replace the livery of the bat with that paying companies labels. Click here to read a very interesting article on this.

Can Middlepeg outfit our cricket club with a full range of on field and off field clothing?
Middlepeg spent much time and angst finding and finally sourcing a brand of clothing which we were satisfied with on the grounds of quality, comfort and wear, protection and value. 
There are no shortage of cricket clothing brands out there and a crazy fact is that many of these brands actually can come from the very same country and manufacturer. Equally crazy is that the very same shirt once labelled with a known cricket companies logo can often be priced much higher than that same shirt unlabelled. 
This is quite normal practice in the clothing industry so it is not that surprising to see it happen in cricket but we cannot understand why the same shirts should be priced by a differential of up to $20 sometimes. 
The manufacturer that Middlepeg uses for our range of cricket clothing is an Australian company and accordingly the quality and cut of our clothing range is second to none. Some good quality clothing comes from a number of Asian countries but Middlepeg has sourced a superb quality product from here in Australia. 
The quality, comfort and wear of our clothing is also supported by a sensational sun protection factor of UPF 40 and you only have to check out our prices to see the value it offers as well. 
Our 'on field' range is also complimented by our complete range of 'off field' clothing for a professional and smart look after and before games. 
Combined with an embroidery service utilising the latest state of the art computerised embroidery Middlepeg is able to completely service your clubs clothing requirements. Click here to read more about Middlepegs Clothing and Embroidery Service.

I have been looking for a particular brand of bat. Can you source it for us?
Middlepeg welcomes enquiries of this nature though all products we sell are sold on the proviso that we have to be satisfied and happy with that product as well. We simply will not offer products unless we are totally and 100% happy with it ourselves.

I'd love to buy some of your shoes but I am not sure of the sizing of your shoes. How can I be sure that the sizing we decide on will be a perfect fit?
Middlepeg offers cricket shoes that come in all the sizing variations - US, Euro and Australian sizes. So no matter where you are from we will choose your shoe size on your stated shoe size rating. To be 100% sure we have also provided lineal lengths for customers to ensure absolute peace of mind though if you are not happy with the size you receive you can of course return them for another size.

Some of your cricket memorabilia is quite different and unique. How did Middlepeg manage to get a hold of such items?
This is a result of many countless hours of searching in all sorts of places all over the world for items that are really and actually true cricketing memorabilia. Middlepeg frankly frowns upon the literally thousands of so called limited edition cricket items mass produced and sold to the public under a banner of "collectable cricketing memorabilia". Some manufacturers even like to insert the word "valuable investment" into their promotional literature as well. Let us assure you that 'manufactured limited edition so called cricketing memorabilia' seldom appreciates in value over the years. It does happen but for every item that has appreciated in value over the years there are 10 other items that have depreciated and many of these cant even be sold let alone reach their issue price. 
In effect what Middlepeg strives to offer as genuine cricket memorabilia are items that are not mass produced and are only found by sourcing them through unique and different sources. This has ranged from cricket grounds, museums, old book stores, artists, swap-marts, antique shops, retired cricketers and also auction houses.

I would like the biggest & heaviest bat possible made from the best willow by the best bat maker. What can you suggest?
As with all questions in our FAQ's this was an actual question we were asked by a nice chap and now regular customer of ours from the US who wanted a bat he could hit "home runs with". 
After pointing out that the heaviest bat possible could be a complete cleft of willow with a handle put in it we suggested a bat at 3lb 6oz would be more than sufficient to hit anything out of any park anywhere. Any heavier and you would totally defeat the purpose as it would be too heavy to actually swing in the first place. 
All bats custom ordered through Middlepeg can be completely made to suit your own wishes and specifications. When people want the best bats we immediately recommend either a Laver & Wood or a Bradbury bat. James Laver & the Bradbury's are widely acknowledged as being the best bat makers in the world and Middlepeg provides hundreds of customers all around the world every year with custom made bats from these two bat makers. 
In this particular instance the gent liked the idea of a bowed blade so he went for a Bradbury Sterling and it ended up being a touch over 3lb 6oz's with a double grip on it. Let us assure you all that when Paul Bradbury called us over to his workshop to collect this particular bat we all marvelled at just how much power this bat had - excuse the description but it had an awesome amount of power! This was more than echoed by our customer who was also blown away with the power of the bat. The last we heard was that this bat was still hitting balls out of the ground! Middlepeg through its customised Laver & Wood and or Bradbury bat making service receives many orders from the US for these heavier style of bats.

How come we can't find any framed or limited edition bats in your memorabilia section?
Fair question. You could say that Middlepeg has overall a negative view on the thousands of so called 'limited edition', 'signed', 'fully authorised' (and so on and so on…) bats that one can find out there for sale. 
We have personally come across so many of these bats by people coming in to get them valued through us that we have lost track of how many varieties and versions there are. Worse yet the only true and really accurate guide today of how valuable that particular bat of yours is can only be gauged at auction or what a memorabilia store will pay you for it (if they will buy it in the first place). With auctions Ebay is the best source and venue for cricket memorabilia in the world today. There are a few other good cricket auction houses but these are tiny in comparison and very 'boutique' in nature. 
We have personally seen cases of people buying a 'limited edition bat' for up to $5000 a few years ago and then tyring to sell it for profit later. More often than not they cant even sell it let alone make a profit on it. 
In such cases people will often come to us a for a real value and whilst we can advise what they were worth new it is any ones guess today what that bat is really worth as there are just so many kinds of these bats out there. The only way to find out what the consumer market will pay is by accordingly auctioning it. If your bat is one of the truly rare and genuine say "Bradman Bats' then you can do very well at auction but with 95% of the bats out there they do not even reach your reserve price. 
With all of this in mind the only people making money are accordingly those who have 'conceived' the idea of the bat and those retailers who are on-selling it on a consignment basis. We have been approached to sell quite a few of these bats because of Middlepegs sourcing of memorabilia but we do not enjoy engaging in a process where the end buyer (you the customer) is paying exorbitant prices for something that is nothing more than a marketing idea and hardly true cricket memorabilia. 
From all our personal points of view we have also asked ourselves what is the point of buying most of the signed framed bats out there when you cant even pick it up and have a shadow hit with it - all it really does is just sit on the mantle piece collecting dust. 
Like we said there are some truly rare genuine cricketing gems out there but 95% of all of these so called limited edition bats are not really that at all. Just have a look at how many of them are out there and you will see what we are saying.

Note: Middlepeg has a close association with the Bradman Museum and The Bradman Foundation. With regards to some of the Bradman related bats on the market we have seen how many forgeries actually exist out there. The same goes for the limitless amount of so called 'signed Bradman' cricket memorabilia as well. Most unfortunately there is certainly no shortage of forged Bradman signatures out there.

My daughter has started playing cricket and I would like to buy her a suitable bat. What should we be looking for?
It is great to see women's cricket starting to thrive all over the world and especially at the junior levels as well. Middlepegs master Pod Shavers (Laver & Wood and Bradbury) make hundreds of bats every year for women cricketers at both the senior and junior levels. In this case a light Harrow size bat was chosen.

Does Middlepeg really supply the best cricket gear in the world at the best prices anywhere?
We believe this to be a fact and though we challenge anyone anywhere to dispute this, this again is a question best answered not by us but by our customers. 
Please click here to hear the views that count - the customers.

Are the Ultralite Pads really the lightest pads in the world?
Yes they are. They really are a sensational cricket product and the story behind them is even more amazing. The story behind them has in fact been quoted as being one of the great cricket equipment yarns and Middlepeg is proud to be involved with this product. Click here to read all about the Ultralite Pad and their background. 
By the way, when Sachin Tendulkar (and others) refuse to wear any other pad and is not paid anything to wear them then you know that there is something very special about these pads.

Do you supply your own range of Middlepeg bats?
This is another one of those strange things that happens in the cricket industry. The answer here by the way is a very clear and simple NO but we can explain further. It is with much amusement that the industry is increasingly seeing cricket stores label their "own" brand of cricket bats. What happens here is that some cricket stores like to get an unknown bat factory somewhere in the world to make some unlabelled bats for them and then that store sells them as their own bats with their own labels on them. These stores then go on about how good and great these bats are and in some cases charge even more for their own label bats than those bats which come from a reputable batmaker! There are some well established and worthy cricket operations which have been selling their own label bats for some time and some of these bats are quite good but its very amusing to see online cricket stores, some of which have only been operating for a short time, come out with their own "fantastic" range of bats which as mentioned often cost more than well known and proven bats.

Answers to 'World wide delivery, Payment Options & Security'

I would like to have 100% peace of mind when I buy equipment. What is Middlepegs policy on this?
This question is one that should be asked of every business everywhere no matter what kind of business or industry is involved. 
There can only be two components to giving potential customers 100% total peace of mind in the cricket industry and they are; 

  • Having a proven world wide track record with thousands of totally satisfied customers all over the world (see Customer Testimonials) and 
  • By simply, totally and categorically backing your products, service and standards. 

When Middlepeg is asked this question by potential customers we usually also end up hearing some horror stories about their prior experiences with other cricket stores. These horror stories actually stump us a little (excuse the pun) as surely companies striving to be successful in this industry must at all costs be serious about keeping all their customers happy and satisfied. 
If a company does not provide a 100% total peace of mind guarantee then either they are wary that their products are not good enough or they don't care about ensuring the customers goals and needs are and will always be priority Number One! 
With Middlepegs quite simple beliefs in customer service and our undisputed and proven product lines we quite literally seldom receive customer complaints about anything. This, on top of the above points, is because of our rigorous procedures of ensuring that you the customer gets exactly what you are looking for and in most cases our customers actually end up getting more than they were expecting in terms of quality, value and performance.

Whats this about some companies offering a Warranty Option on their bats?
This is an interesting question about a strange situation. Recently we have seen some online cricket stores selling a kind of bat warranty whereby you the customer pays in some cases an extra $50 for your bat to get a 3 or 6 month warranty on your bat. Ask any of the worlds leading batmakers and from all points of view this is a very strange concept to both them and ourselves. All of the bats Middlepeg sells for instance are automatically backed 100% not only by us but by the actual batmakers themselves. It certainly therefore seems strange to charge customers an extra $50 for what should be normal and free anyway. This also doesnt say much about the quality of the bats these online cricket stores are selling when they have to offer a bat warranty as an option.

I live in Canada. How will you get my order to me and how much will it cost?
As you can see from our Customer Testimonials Middlepeg sends cricket equipment all over the world. 
All international orders with Middlepeg are expedited and sent with TNT World Wide Express. In researching which company to use to send our orders to all corners of the world Middlepeg found TNT's logistical and distributional ability more then adequate to handle all orders to all destinations. TNT's world wide network is able to deliver orders no matter where you are in the world within 2 to 6 days. You are also able to track your individual Middlepeg order online through our Online Tracking System which shows where your order is in real time. 
We sent this customer in Canada a bat on a Monday and he received it on Wednesday Canadian time. The cost for this was only US $25 and included couriered delivery directly into the customers hands.

We live in a remote town in outback Queensland {Australia}. Can you still get our order to us within 2 days?
This particular customer was desperate to receive his bat as he had a finals game on in a few weeks and he obviously needed time to run and knock the bat in. Throughout Australia deliveries are handled by courier and usually arrive to 90% of locations the next working day. To this location the bat arrived the 2nd working day. 
Middlepeg has negotiated a sensational Australia wide delivery service with what is Australia's number one logistical and distribution network. The cost to send a Bat with a bat package anywhere around Australia with a next day delivery is only $12 (Australian dollars).

We play cricket in the California cricket leagues? How long will it take to get our order?
The usual delivery time to California is between 2 to 3 days.

I need some cricket gear urgently. How quickly can you get it to me?
This was one of our regular UK customers who required some pads for an upcoming game. In this case the pads were dispatched on a Wednesday and were delivered to him on the Friday 2 days later.

What payment options does Middlepeg Cricket have?
Middlepeg has a comprehensive array of payment options suited to all needs. 
Most customers prefer to use our Thawte Secure Online Credit Card Payment System. Thawte are a wholly owned subsidiary of Verisign Inc which is recognised as the worlds leading secure certification authority. Please click here to go to the Thawte website. 
Middlepeg also has customers who wish to fax us their order credit card orders and they can do this with our convenient Fax Order Form
We also have a payment option of Direct Electronic Bank Transfer which enables customers to directly deposit payment funds into the Middlepeg bank account from any bank in the world. This is a simple payment option often chosen by clubs and organisations making large purchases. With this option Middlepeg provides you with the simple details for you to take into your own bank. 
There is also an option to mail your orders in through our Mail Orders payment system. Here customers can send us Cheques or Money Orders for orders they may have placed with us online or by filling out our convenient Order Form and including it with their payment. Some customers even like to call us and place a Phone Order. The main point with all of our totally safe and secure payment options is that Middlepeg is amenable to any and all payment options you may wish to discuss. 

I would like to make sure that placing an order online with Middlepeg is totally safe and secure.
As outlined above when deciding which Online Payment system to use and implement Middlepeg had one simple brief and that was to choose a system that is reliable, safe and secure. 
Accordingly Middlepeg decided to use the Thawte Certification Authority system for our Secure Online Credit Card Payment Orders. Thawte are a wholly owned subsidiary of Verisign Inc which is recognised as the worlds leading secure certification authority. Please click here to go to the Thawte website. 
In researching this Middlepeg discovered some interesting facts about online security. With literally millions of safe and secure online credit card transactions happening all over the world every day the instances of online credit card fraud are statistically almost insignificant. Insignificant as it may be it still does happen occasionally though and because of this Middlepeg wanted to know why and how it does occur. Needless to say ensuring the total safety and security of our customers orders is first and foremost in our minds. 
From a statistical point of view making an online credit card payment is safer than say using your credit card in person at a shop or restaurant. When online credit card fraud occurs it is usually after the event with the details of customers cards often being poorly secured at the business itself. 
Once an online credit card transaction takes place at Middlepeg measures are strictly implemented to ensure it is not kept on either hard or soft copy for use or storage. Middlepeg continues to monitor the latest banking industry and security codes and standards of practice to ensure that all payments with Middlepeg remain safe and secure.

Can I track my order online after it is dispatched?
In conjunction with TNT World Wide Express Middlepeg has an Online Tracking facility which means that you can track your order in real time from the moment it leaves Middlepeg. This is proving a popular service with our customers who like to keep an eye out for their order whilst they are on the internet. Please click here to see our Online Tracking Facility.

Will Middlepeg match or beat a quote from another company?
This is a question that we don't often receive. In quite literally 99.99% of times it is usually other companies trying to match our prices and as we have seen Middlepeg structurally has an advantage over other companies. 
On the very rare occasions when a customer says they can get a bat from such and such a company for such and such a price we will however always have a look at the price and the company involved.

Our order is going to weigh over 250lbs (115kgs). How will you be able to get it to us (the USA) within 4 days from Australia?
All international orders are flown to their destination though TNT's World Wide Express delivery service and regardless of their weight and size they still arrive within the 2 to 6 day timeframe. Also of relevance with this question are the absolutely sensational shipping rates Middlepeg has arranged through TNT for all of its international orders and deliveries. See some of our Customer Testimonials for more views on this.

Answers to 'Left Field Questions'

I know nothing about cricket. Can you provide us with some simple descriptions of the game & some of the strange terms as well?
Middlepeg receives many requests for equipment and general information about cricket from people who are new to the game. It is always our pleasure to welcome new devotees to the game and we go out of our way to ensure we help out as much as possible. We have also implemented subsidy programs such as Middlepegs arrangement with the International Cricket Council and European cricket Council to further develop and promote the game in non traditional cricketing countries (click here for more information on this). 
Where specific questions about the game are raised Middlepeg deals with these on an individual basis. 
An excellent description of the game and its terms can also be found at the link below. Middlepeg takes its hat off and commends whoever put these descriptions together - they are very well put together and offer an invaluable source for the new devotee. 
Click here to go to this site.
There are also literally hundreds of cricket websites to go to for general information on cricket. Two of Middlepegs favourite cricket information websites is the ABC of Cricket and Cricket Online.

Are the questions in your FAQ's real and actual questions?
All of the questions in our FAQ's are questions that have come from emails or customers. Some may have been edited a little for easier use here but they are all essentially the very same questions.

Where or how did you come up with the name 'Middlepeg'?
Middlepeg is a colloquial term used in and derived from cricket. It is used to describe the middle stump of the wickets - that is 'off', 'middle' and leg 'stumps'. 
As for why and how we decided to use it some would call the technique 'round tabling' or 'brain storming' but what ever term you use Middlepeg was simply a name all of the staff here liked. There were other candidates but Middlepeg stood out above the others.

Our group project at University needs to interview organisations who have demonstrated an "integration of a B2C <business to consumer> online strategy with a traditional brick and mortar retail strategy". Can we come to interview Middlepeg?
With some of our backgrounds in the marketing and managerial fields a number of staff here at Middlepeg were very keen to help out with this university project. Essentially the project required an examination of the marketing and structural efforts of a company that began operation with either an online or retail strategy but later decided to use both lines of distribution.

Who designed the Middlepeg website and who is its administrator?
The Middlepeg website is both designed and administered in house. Our website is continually evolving as we add new articles and items to our list of the worlds finest cricket equipment. We strive to create an easy, accurate, informative and enjoyable surfing experience for all ages.