Middlepegs years of experience in sending cricket equipment all over the world we have specifically developed what we believe to be the most efficient and effective dispatch system in world cricket (and also at the forefront of the mail order and internet sales industries worldwide as well).

This comes through our wish to ensure all orders are dispatched and delivered across the world within 2 to 6 days and also through our own research where customers have reiterated the importance of 'efficient and effective deliveries of their orders'.

Our development and research has resulted in orders being delivered to customers across the world by courier (door to door) in as little as 2 days. Please go to our Customer Testimonials pages to see some of the reactions of our international customers who receive their orders within 2 days.

To make all of this possible required a partnership between Middlepeg and one of the global leaders in logistics and distribution - TNT World Wide. Over its many years of operation TNT has developed a world wide logistical capability which sees and enables Middlepegs international orders to be delivered with lighting fast efficiency. Best of all, through Middlepeg and TNT's strategic partnership, delivery costs are only a fraction of what you would expect such a service to cost.

Others points relating to International Orders includes;

  • All Middlepeg orders are also dispatched in our Custom Designed delivery packages which were designed by us to ensure absolute shipping protection. Click here for more on our Custom designed boxes.
  • Orders are dispatched around the world from as little as US $15. For exact delivery costs our website and catalogue pages will often outline the delivery charge and time frame. For larger orders we advise you of the exact delivery charges. See charges guide below.
  • All International Orders require a signature on delivery for absolute peace of mind and protection. Middlepeg can also advise if insurance should be taken out (usually only for large club or league orders)
  • For International Orders you should also take a look at Middlepegs ICC & ECC Subsidy Program where under this program your order could be eligible for a substantial reduction and subsidy of the freight. Under this Subsidy Program Middlepeg has sent cricket equipment all around the world.
  • All International Orders can be 'Tracked Online'. See below for more on this fantastic service.
  • Click here to see some of our FAQ's on International Orders

Should you have any specific questions on placing an International Order please do not hesitate to contact us.


Please add the following delivery charges when making your international order.

  • One Cricket Bat - Aud $70
  • One Cricket Bat & Gloves - Aud $75
  • One Cricket Bat & Pads - Aud $85
  • One Bat, Gloves & Pads - Aud $95

Middlepeg sends cricket kits for players, clubs and cricket associations all over the world in as little as 2 to 5 days. Please contact us to confirm the exact pricing of orders placed for products outside the outline above.


To find out exactly how much the Australian dollar is in comparison to your local currency please visit This excellent website will convert international currencies so as to give you an exact price in your local currency.


All Australia Wide orders placed with Middlepeg are handled by the strategic alliance of Australia Post and Qantas.

This service sees 90% of our Australia Wide Orders being delivered overnight which is effectively as quick as planning to go to your local cricket shop the next day. Better yet you do not even have to leave home as our orders are delivered by courier to your front door.

Best of all most Australia Wide Orders with Middlepeg are usually only $9. This includes an order such as a bat, pads, gloves and a thigh pad! For larger orders we advise you of the exact delivery charges. 

  • As outlined above all Middlepeg Orders are professionally packed, with bats delivered in specially designed, protective packaging. 
  • Click here to see some of our FAQ's on Australia Wide Orders 
  • For any questions about Middlepegs delivery service, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Although Middlepeg are specialists in delivering the best cricket equipment all over the world we are also proud to service a thriving cricket playing population here in Perth Western Australia.

Free & Prompt delivery is accordingly arranged for all orders over $200 in the Perth metropolitan area - efficiently & directly to your chosen address. All other orders within the Perth metropolitan area can either be picked up directly from the Middlepeg Cricket Centre or prompt & efficient delivery can be arranged.

Please click here for Opening Hours details and how to get to the Middlepeg Cricket Centre.


When Middlepeg first started operation we endeavoured trying to source suitable shipping and packing boxes to dispatch our orders. Let us assure you that there was and is not much out there in the way of really suitable and fully protective shipping boxes.

We were actually left with little option but to design and come up with our own range of fully customised shipping boxes designed especially to deliver cricket equipment. After coming up with a few prototypes we now have our own range of boxes made by a specialist compressed cardboard company made to our own design specifications.

Aside from the boxes used to deliver our orders, Middlepeg also ensures absolute protection of your order by utilizing the well recognised multi layering technique for shipping. This offers the best protection option for your equipment and ensures your order is received as it was dispatched.

For instance, all bats are firstly inserted into a plastic sleeve and then into their custom designed Middlepeg Bat bag (which comes free with our Free Bat Package). Your bat is then bubble wrapped and also placed within a compressed cardboard roll before finally being placed into the polystyrene lined bat box as pictured.

Should you have any questions regarding the packing of your order please contact us.


In conjunction with TNT World Wide Express all International Orders can be tracked online through Middlepegs unique Online Tracking Service.

All orders dispatched Internationally receive and are allocated a Consignment Note Number. By going to Middlepegs Online Tracking page and entering in your specific 'Con Note' number your are able to see and track your order online in real time from its dispatch here at Middlepeg to its arrival to you no matter where you are in the world.

Remember, our Global Express Delivery Service is delivered directly to your door and for your total peace of mind it needs to be signed for on delivery.

Please click here to go to Middlepegs Online Tracking page.

Middlepeg is proud to offer you this world first in the delivery of cricket equipment.




Please note that it is the responsibility of our International Customers to be aware of any Customs, Duties or Charges that may be required for entry into their country. These fees are not included in our shipping charges. Usually orders arrive FOC (Free of Charges) as they are classified at our end as 'For Personal Use' and 'Not for Resale' but you should be aware of what your specific countries regulations are on this.