Latest Update!

Most of the countries we had of the official ICC 2003 World Cup shirts have been sold out. We still however have the official Australian shirt (as exactly worn by the players in the World Cup) as well as the exact Indian World Cup shirt as well.

The good news for those of you who have bought these shirts from us is that the official Australian and Indian World Cup shirts are now regularly being sold through online auction houses for well over Aud $200. We were wondering what was going on when one chap was constantly buying these shirts off us one after another. So we accordingly did some research and ended up seeing these official shirts being sold for up to $260 to collectors and cricket enthusiasts.

We are not interested in selling these shirts online in auctions but we are not silly either so the Indian and Australian shirts have simply had to go up in price. Sorry about that but these official shirts are getting very rare now and they will never ever be made again so once they are sold out thats it forever.

Official ICC Australian World Cup Shirt - now Aud $195

Official ICC Indian World Cup Shirt - now Aud $195


After extensive global requests Middlepeg is excited to bring you the Official World Cup Cricket shirts from participating nations at the World Cup in South Africa.

These shirts are the Official playing shirts as actually worn by the players. They are also made by the official World Cup license holders and worldwide only limited numbers have been made. They are accordingly highly sought after as both collectors items and also as memorabilia to commemorate the 2003 World Cup. They are also a fantastic way of showing support for your country.

All Shirts & Caps come with the Official World Cup ICC logo.

Best of all and whilst some stores around the world are selling these for over $150 Middlepeg is proud to bring you these Official Playing shirts for only Aud $95. This is only around US$50 or GBP 35!

Official World Cup Caps are also available for some of the nations playing in the World Cup of Cricket. These are only Aud $35.

As numbers are limited please be sure to contact us so as to secure your chosen playing shirt or cap. Both shirts & caps are selling very quickly so don't delay in placing your order. All shirts are also dispatched around the world with Middlepegs exclusive global door to door courier - so no matter where you are in the world you will be wearing your shirt within 2 to 4 days.

Shirts are available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

To place your order simply go to our Orders page. For any questions about our Official World Cup shirts email us at