For a number of years now we have often been asked about our range of top quality cricket stumps. To be frank the stumps we carried were ok but with a name like 'Middlepeg' we decided it was time to directly source the best cricket stumps around.

As with all cricket equipment if you want the best you have to go to the best because they will also be using the best material around. Given that English Ash is considered the best timber to make cricket stumps we found one of the longest running specialist crafters of cricket wickets in the world who is based in England.

Test quality English ash cricket stumpsWe are accordingly most please to now offer what are the best quality English Ash wickets all crafted and sourced directly from England - widely used on the international Test arena as well.

Now if we sourced these through a 'known' manufacturer these exact stumps would no doubt be priced well over $160. However due to the fact that they were sourced directly from the craftsman that makes these and were shipped over from England in a container full of old antique English furniture these stumps are also the best value around as well.

Our Test Quality English Ash stumps are superbly crafted and certainly to our knowledge are the best value and quality cricket stumps in the world today.

Test Quality English Ash Cricket Stumps

Only Aud $120

Australia wide overnight courier delivery - only $20 
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