PLEASE NOTE: Middlepeg regretfully advises that our incredibly popular Darcs Sunglasses Offer has now expired. Whilst we would have liked to have kept this as an ongoing offer we are unfortunately not able to extend this any further.  All Bats still come with our original Bat Package but without the Darcs Sunglasses. Stay in touch for our next update and special Bat Package offer.

All bats from 2007 season currently include :  Extra Grip, Linseed Oil, Sandpaper, Cricket Bat Facing Sheet, Full Length Bat bag (exc Bradbury bats).

Middlepeg Cricket Bat Packages

It has been stated by many that Middlepeg has revolutionised the cricket industry by enabling cricketers all around the world the chance to use the very best hand crafted Test quality cricket bats for prices which are lower then many 'off the shelf' factory made cricket bats. Most of our cricket bats are custom hand crafted for individuals by the very best cricket bat makers in the world - the very same cricket bat makers crafting the blades for the best batsmen in international Test and One Day cricket!

       Free D'arcs sunglasses with every cricket bat sold 
Free pair of Darcs Sungasses with every bat sold**

One of the many other reasons why Middlepeg supplies so many cricket bats has undoubtedly been Middlepegs amazing Free Cricket Bat Package that comes with every cricket bat we sell.

And now through an amazing deal organised especially for Middlepeg customers ALL CRICKET BATS also come with a FREE pair of superb quality Darcs Sunglasses valued at over $50 which is in addition to our original and fantastic Cricket Bat Package valued at $75.

This represents incredible value when you consider some of the cricket bats we sell start from only $180!

Whilst some cricket shops are still charging customers for items like Cricket Bat Bags, cricket bat oil and so on our free Cricket Bat Packages have taken the world by storm with no competitor even coming close to matching this offer - indeed most are still charging for such items.

Middlepegs Amazing Cricket Bat Package  -  FREE with ALL bats sold

Free cricket bat package with all cricket bats sold!

  • Custom full length Cricket Bat Bag - value $18
  • $25 Gift Voucher
  • Raw Linseed Oil - $7
  • Edge Tape - $5
  • Cricket Bat Facing Sheet (standard) - $10
  • Cricket Bat Care Booklet
  • Sand Paper
  • Extra Grip - $5  
  • Sir Donald Bradman book.
    Over 90 pages of facts, stats and information on
    the greatest batsman ever. - $8
  • PLUS our amazing free pair of Darcs Sunglasses valued at over $50
    **NOTE: See below for more details on our Darcs Sunglasses offer.

How can Middlepeg afford to give away over $125 worth of goods with every cricket bat ?

With our prices already being so low we are often asked "Your prices are the best around - how can you guys also afford to give away over $125 worth of goodies with every single cricket bat you sell?"

This is a fair question and one we are happy to answer. Since the inception of Middlepegs Free Cricket Bat Package some other cricket operations have started to offer "free bat bag with cricket bats" which is certainly better than many other shops who still charge up to $30 for full a length cricket bat bag. The shame here is that bat prices from many cricket shops are simply overpriced in the first place - in one case we were informed of one operations cricket bat pricing going up $15 to compensate for the half length cricket bat cover they were giving away 'free'.

The various backgrounds of the people running Middlepeg include those with substantial experience in the service industries where customer satisfaction is second to none and is categorically the single most important factor for a business to consider. It is thankfully changing but many retail operations around the world genuinely still do not understand the simple importance of ensuring that ALL customers are overwhelmingly happy and satisfied with the product and/or service you are offering.

Aside from the total focus we place on customer service we also understand the need to 'value add' for our customers when they deal with Middlepeg. An example of value adding is our Free Cricket Bat package which comes with every cricket bat sold.

Now there is no way Middlepeg can solely afford to give away over $125 worth of products with every cricket bat we sell but we can organise deals with our suppliers and manufacturers to help in our value adding exercises. By doing this we can arrange such fantastic offers and deals for our customers to enjoy.

Middlepegs 'Deluxe' Cricket Bat Package & Facing Service  -   Only $18

Includes all the items in the 'Cricket Bat Package' (see above) plus the addition and application to your cricket bat of our superb and exclusive Middlepeg Cricket Bat Facing. Click here to read all about what is the best cricket bat facing material in world cricket. This package includes the bonus of applying your Middlepeg Cricket Bat Facing and consists of:

  • all the items in the above package (sunglasses included) 
  • pre application of oil to your cricket bat
  • post pre-app light sanding
  • placement of the facing,
  • and the application of edge tape as well.

This is the best pre service available for a cricket bat in the world today and 'Middlepegs Cricket Bat Facing' is fully endorsed as the best available by the best cricket bat makers in the world. Middlepegs 'Deluxe Package & Facing Service' is a sensational offer. All this for only $18! (Middlepegs Exclusive Cricket Bat Facing alone is worth $15)

**Note on the Darcs Sunglass offer

The free pair of Darcs Sunglasses is obviously available for a short time only and once our arrangement with the supplier ends then so too will this offer. Due to the structure of this arrangement Middlepeg customers are unable to choose their choice of styles or colours in the Darcs Sunglasses range. Whilst this offer is valid every cricket bat will come with the free pair of fantastic Darcs sunglasses but there is as mentioned no choice of the style, colour or lens that comes with your cricket bat. Get in quickly whilst this offer lasts.