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Crazy Catch - have fun developing your reflexes and catching skills
for Schools









Children love using Crazy Catch. Crazy Catch provides excellent skill development with lots of repetition but in a fun way. Watch their skills improve.

Crazy Catch is a fun way to improve key basic motor skills of children at your school, (particularly the overhand throw and catch). Recent research shows that children of today are, on average, performing poorly with these skills and that this seriously limits their lifetime participation in sport.

For use by a wide range of children with a wide range of skill levels.

It can be a self directed activity with children responsible for setting up the nets each day and using them. All sorts of games are invented.

What is great to see is that by choosing the type of ball and the sane or insane side, the Crazy Catch can match the skill level of the children. This encourages use of the Crazy Catch by children of all ages and skill levels.


Crazy Catch nets can be used as part of your formal physical education programme. Again the ball type and the sane or insane side, allows you to match the challenge with the skill level of the children. The One Minute Crazy Catch Challenge is excellent and gives children and teachers good feedback on their level of skill. There are a few activities listed below.

  • Take turns to see how many out of 5 each child can catch – from behind a line or from inside a hoop. This distance can be extended as skill levels improve.
  • How many catches can a team of three take in 1 minute from behind a line. This can be a competition with other teams. With several Crazy Catch nets it could be the first team to 20.
  • Three at a time and position the less skilled in the centre and slightly forward so that they have more catching opportunities.
  • One person throws at an acute angle from a reasonably close range with 3 or more catchers – excellent slip catching practise.

Crazy Catch at School – Key Benefits

Summary of Customer Survey

  • We have received the same feedback from many schools that Crazy Catch is used extensively by all age groups, both boys and girls and by a range of skill levels. With the option of the two sides and varying size and hardness of balls, children can challenge themselves and not be set up for failure - creating opportunities for success is important.
  • Excellent for self directed use where children put out the Crazy Catch nets each day for use in play times/lunch time.
  • Great for games in a tabloid sport or general PE situation for developing catching and throwing skills.
  • It’s Fun!!! and as challenging as you want to make it. Because of this the Crazy Catch is used a lot. Repetition/practise of skills is crucial to mastering fundamental motor skills such as catching and throwing.

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