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Crazy Catch - have fun developing your reflexes and catching skills
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Give people a ball and a Crazy Catch and they will soon have balls going in all directions and have invented all sorts of challenges and games. There is of course the One Minute Crazy Catch Challenge that can be matched to your skill level. Below are some more ideas many of which have been sent in from customers. 


  • 2 – 4 catching with the outside people slightly closer to the Crazy Catch. 
  • Have a No 1 position and rotate when a catch is dropped or lose a point for each dropped catch 
  • How many out of 5 or 10 or more attempts can you catch. Can the next person beat your score. 
  • Successfully catch 5 and then the next person has a go. 
  • Keep going until you drop a catch and then give the next person a turn. See who can get the highest score. 
  • Start off at 2m and catch 5. Move back a metre and catch another 5. Keep moving out to eg 10 metres and time your group to see how long it takes. 
  • Have two people in close with as many as you like further out. The two close in people are the throwers and they throw hard. They attempt to catch while the rest pick up the misses. Rotate positions. 
  • Kick a soccer ball at the Crazy Catch and catch, (or trap), the return. Excellent for goal keepers. 
  • Kick or pass a rugby ball at the Crazy Catch and really test your skills. 
  • Thrower nominates a catcher or take turns to catch. Again keep scores for dropped catches. 
  • Use the Crazy Catch as one of several activity stations where for example ‘catch ten’ before moving on. 

With Cricket in mind

  • One person throws from close at an angle to a waiting slips cordon. 
  • One person throws from behind 2 – 3 catchers. 
  • Throw from eg 10 metres back and place a wicket in front of the Crazy Catch. This really tests throwing skills as well as catching. There are also some interesting deflections off the wicket into the Crazy Catch that really challenge the catchers. 
  • Have the Crazy Catch more upright to provide fielding practise. With a group introduce points scoring for misses. 
  • Use the Crazy Catch as a target to bowl at. Hit the target and it comes back to you. Alternatively position the Crazy Catch well in front of the wickets so that a good length ball will hit the Crazy Catch on the full. This provides excellent caught and bowled practise. 
  • Use the sane side. Hold on to a bat and underarm a ball at the Crazy Catch. Play a shot at the rebounding ball. Get really adventurous and try the insane side. 
  • Practise batting off a piece of foam and hitting into the Crazy Catch. Hit the target it comes back. Miss – go fetch. 
  • Scoring games eg 1 catch = 1 wicket, dropped catch = 6 runs, miss on the bounce = 4 runs. The objective is to get 10 wickets before 20 runs. 

With Two or more Crazy Catch Nets – Great for Schools and Clubs

  • A whole lot more fun with all sorts of relay and challenge options. 
  • From behind a line who is first to catch eg 10 or 20. 
  • In a team relay each person must make 5 successful catches before passing on to the next person. Team members can support the thrower by getting the ball back to them quickly when there are misses. Catching a certain number before moving on to the next person is an excellent way of giving the less skilled in the group plenty of opportunity. 
  • As above, start on the sane side and then change to the insane side. 
  • Find your One Minute Crazy Catch Challenge Champ with a knockout competition. 
  • What is your combined teams One Minute Crazy Catch Challenge score. 
  • Team or individuals move back a metre after 5 successful catches. 
  • First team to get back to eg 10 metres wins. First team or individual to eg catch 20 wins.

Middlepeg Cricket - view the Crazy Catch range here