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Crazy Catch - have fun developing your reflexes and catching skills
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The Crazy Catch nets are ideal for use at clubs. The “sane” and “insane” option, allows the Crazy Catch to be used by the very youngest at the club through to the elite. Choose from the Original, At Large, Chaos and Extreme range.

Skill Development They provide excellent skill development with lots of repetition but in a fun way. Many top coaches are commenting that the young people today are coming through with poorly developed fundamental motor skills. Crazy Catch combined with good coaching is a good solution.

The “insane” side simulates a lot of game situations where you can’t predict the path of the ball until it is on it’s way back towards you. For example imitating catching off the bat in cricket.


It is great for use as a self directed activity for small groups, for instance when a coach may be wanting to work more intensively with just a few of the team on some other activity. There is a wide range of activity options depending on your sport. For example with cricket you can practise slip fielding with one thrower at an acute angle and 2-3 catchers. This can be further enhanced with two Crazy Catch nets side by side but at slightly different angles. This can keep 3–5 fielders on their toes with the thrower having a choice of nets to throw at.

It may be as simple as a group of players spending an allocated amount of time on the Crazy Catch, as part of their training.

See how your team performs with the One Minute Crazy Catch Challenge. This provides a lot of fun and excitement as well as providing a useful ongoing assessment of players level of performance.

Crazy Catch at Clubs – Key Benefits

  • Summary of Customer Survey
  • Crazy Catch is an excellent, self-directed activity for a small group of people while a coach may be working more closely with some of the other team members.
  • The players invent all sorts of competitions that are fun and challenging, and also give them the necessary repetition for skill development.
  • Excellent as a circuit training activity – eg must complete at least 5 catches on the insane side from behind a five metre line before moving on.
  • Ideal as an activity for “warming up”, as people arrive at practise.
  • Great for hand/eye coordination especially with children that are changing codes.
  • Specific activities with Crazy Catch has become a key part of our practises

Middlepeg Cricket - view the Crazy Catch range here