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As seen and tested on
 Channel Nines
 "The Cricket Show"


Middlepeg prides itself on offering the finest and most innovative cricket and sporting products in the world. Indeed we are the only company in the world collectively offering what are crickets most pioneering and revolutionary products such as the Ultralite cricket pads and Middlepeg Cricket Scoreboards.

When it comes to products being innovative and revolutionary there are few items which have been developed in the last 50 years of world cricket that will have as much of an impact on training, hand eye coordination and reflexes (not to mention great fun as well) than the Crazy Catch.

Middlepeg is proud to offer what is the ultimate rebound catching net system. Thousands across the world in backyards, cricket clubs, schools and more will tell you its an addictive and rapid skills development tool for almost any ball sport and endless hours of fun. As outlined on Channel Nines Cricket Show, words can't describe the brilliance of the Crazy Catch system. The first time we tested the Crazy Catch it simply blew us away with its performance and ability to both hone and teach essential reflex and catching skills. We then took a Crazy Catch down to the WACA ground for testing and needless to say the Western Warriors (state team of Western Australia) now use the nets in their training regime.

Inventors Andrew and Louise Sinclair have spent numerous years testing and refining the Crazy Catch and what they have now perfected is the ultimate innovation for performance and skills training.  The Crazy Catch is a credit to their passion and drive.

Middlepeg can supply individuals, clubs and schools with Crazy Catch nets. For any questions about the Crazy Catch please contact us or send us an email to


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Check out the Crazy Catch range

Original Crazy Catch

    Turf model   (1.05m x 1.25m -  8.0kg)
$340  plus $25 overnight courier delivery Australia wide

This is the most popular model and is designed for use outdoors in the turf. It has two screw in feet that allow the Crazy Catch to be spiked into the turf to provide firm anchorage. There is a rigid support pole that spikes into the ground with the angle easily adjusted. To change from ‘sane’ to ‘insane’ is very quick and easy.

The feet are detachable to allow easier transport. This model fits in most station wagons but not all cars. The priority has been to provide a sufficient size target area rather than ability to fit in all cars.

We recommend this model where people have turf areas available for use and are not considering using the Crazy Catch indoors.

    All Surface model   (1.05m x 1.25m -  9.8kg)
$390  plus $25 overnight courier delivery Australia wide

The all Surface model is the same net as the Turf Model but has a different support structure to allow the Original Crazy Catch to be used on not only the turf but also hard surfaces such as paved areas and indoors. The angle is readily adjusted using a T Nut attached to the telescoping support pole. To change sides from ‘sane’ to ‘insane’ is a simple process and almost as quick as with the Turf model. There are two rubber feet attached at the front of the Crazy Catch. These provide good grip on most surfaces however on hard surfaces we advise either positioning the support base up against a wall or alternatively placing a weight such as a gear bag on the support base.

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At Large Crazy Catch - 'Insane' feature for large ball

    Turf model   (1.05m x 1.25m -  8.0kg)
$295  plus $25 overnight courier delivery Australia wide    

This is new to the market and is the same size net area as the ‘Original’ but with some big differences. First is that it provides an ‘insane’ ball return for large diameter balls such as soccer balls, netballs and volleyballs on the ‘insane’ side. In addition as you can see there is the option of being positioned vertically to create a little extra height.

Use is limited with a small diameter ball to just the ‘sane’ side where the rebound response is actually ‘insane’.


    All Surface model   (1.05m x 1.25m -  9.8kg)
$350  plus $25 overnight courier delivery Australia wide

Who’s Using

We see the ‘At Large’ being of great benefit with soccer especially with goal keepers in mind. With families with young children where the big ball sports are the focus. Also it will be an excellent addition to Schools with ‘Original’ Crazy Catch nets, to provide yet another challenge with the ‘insane’ feature for large balls.

As with the ‘Original’ Crazy Catch there are both the Turf and All Surfaces models

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Crazy Catch Chaos  - ‘Insane’ feature for large ball    (2.1m x 1.2m - 20kg)

    $900  plus $50 overnight courier delivery Australia wide

This has only recently been made available. It is ideal for large ball skills where you want to be able to have the ball return to you from shoulder height or more, such as basketball and netball. The Crazy Catch Chaos has the added advantage of being able to be used on its side, to provide a wider target area for a sport such as soccer.

It comes as an All Surface model with a strong base and two support poles. It is easy to use and adjust although heavier and bulkier than the Original and At Large.

As explained with the ‘At Large’ a small ball can be used on the “sane” side only, where it provides an ‘insane’ ball return with the standard large ball Chaos model. On request we can provide a small ball option for the Chaos, making it ideal for a sport such as baseball.


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Crazy Catch Extreme - Ideal for large ball    (2.1m x 2.4m -  30kg)

    $2020  plus $70 overnight courier delivery Australia wide

This is the ultimate for the skilled athlete and fun seeker. At 2.1m high x 2.4m wide the Crazy Catch Extreme provides a huge target area. This makes it ideal where you want to also develop kicking skills in sports such as soccer, rugby, Australian rules, league and American football. It’s awesome fun with a large group and watch those skills develop. Also a blast for all other large ball sports.

As with the ‘Chaos’ it can be used on any surface and while it is relatively easy to assemble and shift, it is easier with two people.


Perth Retail Stockists of Crazy Catch nets

The following Perth retail outlets sell the complete range of Crazy Catch nets. Middlepeg does not retail Crazy Catch nets in the Perth metropolitan area. Middlepeg only wholesales Crazy Catch nets in Perth. We do however sell these nets to country areas of WA, Australia and overseas.

Cricket Shop Malaga - Phone 9249 2965

Sports Specialists Floreat - Phone 9284 1322

Cricket & Football Shop Cockburn - Phone 9434 2965

Cricket & Football Shop Kenwick - Phone 9452 2965

Slater-Gartrell Sports 
66 Helena Street Midland 6056 - Phone 92745788

Meulemans Cricket Specialists - 9367 6216