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Bradbury Cricket Bats

Handcrafted masterpieces
Paul & Sally Bradbury with David from Middlepeg Cricket

Middlepegs quest for the finest cricket equipment in the world meant that it simply had to carry Bradbury cricket bats. The Bradbury's have over the years carved themselves a reputation as being among the very best Master Pod Shavers in the world. This reputation has grown from their years of making superbly hand crafted cricket bats from supplies of their own hand chosen finest English willow.

This reputation has also seen Bradbury cricket bats rise to the very top of the world game with numerous top international Test players from four Test playing nations now using Bradbury bats. So whether you are playing representative or club cricket, Bradbury cricket bats are now effortlessly dispatching bowling attacks and balls to the boundary all over the world at all levels of the game. Be sure to read a very interesting and compelling article on the quality and reputation of Bradbury cricket bats.

As opposed to a mass produced cricket bat and as Master Pod Shavers the Bradbury's hand craft all of their cricket bats which ensures the absolute highest standards of quality control and guarantees exceptional performance.

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As with all of Middlepegs cricket bats our Bradbury cricket bats come with Middlepegs sensational Free Cricket Bat Package (valued at over $75). If you have any questions about ordering a Bradbury please email us:

Middlepeg Cricket & the Bradbury's

Middlepeg is fortunate to be based in the same home town as the Bradbury's. Indeed the Bradbury's Pod Shaving barn in Fremantle, Western Australia is only 10 minutes drive from the new Middlepeg Cricket Centre.

Location aside, the Bradbury's and Middlepeg have developed a professional working relationship and friendship over the years of our supplying custom handmade Bradbury cricket bats to cricketers all over the world. With Middlepegs intimate knowledge of cricket bats and our world wide reputation for supplying the best custom hand made blades in cricket our many Bradbury customers have reaped the rewards of this relationship.

Along with our range of custom made Laver & Wood cricket bats seeing the passion the Bradbury's share for crafting cricket bats makes it very easy for Middlepeg to unequivocally recommend Bradbury blades. As you may have seen in the article mentioned above  (click here to read) this view is also shared by many of the very best cricketers in world cricket.

Bradbury Cricket Bats range for 2007/2008

Exclusively and direct from the hands of Paul Bradbury to Middlepeg

Selecting a Bradbury cricket bat has become a very simple process given the shape and profile of Paul Bradbury's masterpieces. He knows the Sterling shape is the ultimate in bat design because of how many top international cricketers use this very bat made by Paul. Indeed many of the big brand bat companies have also unashamedly replicated them and as such, become their best sellers. These companies have got the shapes from bats presented to them by their sponsored players, who have in the past, had years of using the Bradbury bats stickered up to meet their contractual obligations.

Now you have the opportunity to go to the original creator of these bats. Not only that but you are also getting incredible value when you consider many copied versions of the Sterling shape now sell in shops for over $600!

We are often asked why people would pay $600 for a mass produced bat when they could buy an original hand crafted Bradbury for much less. Frankly that's both none of our business and not for us to answer - we just want to ensure all cricketers get the chance to experience an original Bradbury at unparalleled value.