We are often asked questions like 'what are the best cricket bats in the world' or 'what are the best cricket pads in the world'?

Well, the best cricket bats in the world are made by a select few master pod shavers (see our home page) whilst the answer for the best cricket pads is categorically and unequivocally the Ultralite Cricket Pads.

It is unfortunate though that the Ultralite Pads are quite expensive and very rare so we can't include our Ultralite Pads in this Best Quality & Value section.

CA cricket pads - great valueWe can however and without hesitation include the recently arrived CA Pro range of cricket pads as they are in our opinion the best quality cricket pad in the world for under $100 - in fact we are even tempted to say they are probably the best pad in the world for under $140.

With an average mean weight of only 820 grams these pads have been superbly constructed for comfort, protection and weight reduction in mind.

Now unfortunately a weight of only 820 grams might mean nothing to most people but as a guide we have weighed every major cricket pad on the market today (2003/2004 season) and their average weight was over 900 grams. Its also unfortunate that today manufacturers still persist with describing the weight of their pads as "super light", "featherweight" etc. If all manufacturers were serious about their claims of having super light pads then why don't they simply advertise and show their average mean weight? The reason is that despite their best marketing efforts even their lightest pads are not really that light because if they were they would certainly show the weight.

Even prior to going online with our CA Pro cricket pads they have been a popular hit. These pads feature: 

  • New-Tech 30 pieces stitched at front with 2 side angled canes.
  • Wider and shaped wrap around panels for more protection.
  • Leather in-step.
  • Flexible straps.
  • Comes in handy custom carry bag.
  • Available for RH and LH Batsmen.CA Pro cricket pads

If you are thinking of getting a pair of pads for under $100 then our advice is to stop looking and get yourself a pair of CA Pro Cricket Pads. You have nothing to lose (money back guarantee as with all products at Middlepeg) and most likely they will be the best pads you have and will ever own.

CA Pro Pads - Only $98 Aud

Overnight Australia wide door to door courier delivery only $9 
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