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David from Middlepeg with Adam Gilchrist
(Australian Test Vice Captain) at Lords, 
the home of cricket, during the English 
Ashes Tour 2001

Welcome to Middlepegs 'About Us' page. Here you can find out all about the Middlepeg operation as well as the people and staff behind what many are saying is the best online cricket shop in the world.

Although it is ultimately the products, service and pricing that dictates how successful a business is many of our customers from all over the world often ask general questions about Middlepeg and the people behind our revolutionary cricket operation. We also believe its nice to know a little bit about the company you are dealing with and we only wish that more online companies would do the same.

Here you can also read about various events, functions and tours we have organised and hosted such as the 'Night of Bradman & Blades'.

Quick Facts

In a nutshell Middlepeg is a cricket operation based in Perth West Australia although we also have direct distribution outlets and operations in England, New Zealand and the sub continent as well.

Quite simply, we began Middlepeg with one simple irrevocable undertaking which also became our all encompassing Mission Statement. This was to supply:

The worlds best cricket equipment at the best prices with the best service.

Since the establishment of our internet operations we have become the premier online source of cricket equipment delivering all around the world to both Test and non Test playing nations.

Middlepeg is run and managed by the people that own it although this is supplemented by staff and cricketers engaged with our retail operation, dispatch office and product testing programs. Throughout this section and indeed the website you can see photos of Middlepegs staff and owners.

Although Middlepeg specialises in the full ambit and range of all cricket equipment we have especially become known as the source and home of the best custom hand made cricket bats in world cricket. Through Middlepeg cricketers at all levels are finally able to use the very same cricket bats 'actually' used by Test cricketers hand crafted and custom made for you by those very same Master Cricket Bat makers for prices lower than many 'off the shelf' cricket bats sold in shops.

For some of the Frequently Asked Questions relating to Middlepeg and our operation please visit our FAQs section.

Early History

There are obviously many factors involved in the formation of a business but to cut a long story short you could say that it started back in 1994 whilst a few of us were living and playing cricket in England. Being an Australian based company a few of us took off to the UK to live, work and play cricket in England. In somewhat fortuitous circumstances we left most of our cricket equipment behind including a couple good old trusty Duncan Fearnley Magnums (the 'original' Magnum was one of the better 'production' cricket bats ever made in our opinion). This was fortuitous because we ended up using a number of superb cricket bats that we had never really seen before as they were not widely available around the world and in Australia (until Middlepeg at least). 

A few years later on our return to Australia we ended up trying to obtain and buy a couple of these cricket bats and some of the cricket equipment that we had used in England. Now please do not get Middlepeg wrong as there is nothing wrong with the range of cricket bats in Australia and around the world... indeed there are some really excellent bats actually made right here in Australia in fact. The only issue we had however, is that due to the domination of the big manufacturing names of cricket in this country and around the world we (and you) simply did not have the range of cricket bats that is on offer and available overseas. 

Indeed it was even funnier to discover that some of the cricket bats that we had used in England were in fact not sold in shops and were only available through a select few master cricket bat makers who most of the worlds best international cricketers use to make cricket bats for them. 

Anyway... after discovering that nobody in Australia and most of the world carried the brands of cricket bats that the best cricket batsmen in the world were using we started to do some investigating. It was in this period that we discovered a lot about the industry of cricket gear manufacturing. 

The top manufacturers make some really good cricket equipment but again because of their domination of the market the cricketing public might not always be getting the best deal possible. Middlepeg has and continues to change that through our extensive sourcing program and customer based business philosophy. 

In every facet of our operation Middlepeg strives to be a consumer based operation and we are accordingly not in the business of offering you something unless we too are totally happy with that product. 

Getting back to the formation of Middlepeg, needless to say after our investigations into the cricket manufacturing industry we saw a unique opportunity to offer the cricketing public a service and range of the worlds best cricket equipment and products for prices which are unparalleled. We have in fact often been told that our prices are 'sensational' which is something we obviously like to hear. 

We are and always have been happy with that 'sensational' tag and description because Middlepeg has genuine intentions of creating and bringing excitement back into the decision making and purchasing process of the consumer. We all know that there is nothing like the feeling of making a great purchase or getting a fantastic product for a great price. It sure beats spending mega dollars on a product that looked pretty and but then not being totally happy with it.

Middlepeg Today

From our early days of working out of the original Middlepeg Showroom (see our Photo Album) today we are very excited to be operating from our own new Middlepeg Cricket Centre. 

The Middlepeg Cricket Centre was purpose designed from the ground up and features many innovations in the cricket industry. By designing and building the Centre ourselves we were able to ensure that it more than meets the needs of both ourselves and our customers. A large component of this design also incorporates an efficient dispatch structure for our substantial worldwide orders.

Please click here to go to our Middlepeg Cricket Centre page. 

Middlepeg today investigates and sources the finest quality cricket equipment from all over the world and in many cases brings them directly from the manufacturer to you. Middlepeg now supplies cricket gear to customers and countries all around the world but we thoroughly understand the only way to maintain our continuing success will be by ensuring that you, the consumer, comes first. From Middlepegs point of view, long live the old adage that the consumer is king as it will then be you that dictates our success. 

Middlepeg is also credited with many world firsts in the cricket industry and whilst some companies have since tried to copy our initiatives none have succeeded in formulating our revolutionary and successful mix of products, pricing, distribution and services. 

Today Middlepeg is also the first company approached by cricket bat makers and researchers around the world trying to develop and promote their new cricket products, cricket equipment and ideas. This sees Middlepeg being the exclusive distributor of many innovative and ground breaking products such as and including the amazing Matrix Cricket Bats

With our extensive and exhaustive testing program, cricket researchers and independent developers from all over the world regularly contact us to have their innovations tested. Through Middlepeg they are assured that the prime motivation will be to ensure the successful development of their product through continued evolution and/or refinement as opposed to the big manufacturers in world cricket who are generally only interested in their short or medium term profitability and not genuine innovation and improvement. 

Middlepeg looks towards the future with much anticipation. With our establishment as the worlds premier online cricket shop, links to the finest and best cricket equipment, associations and friendships with the best master cricket bat makers and most of all our enthusiastic staff and owners there is much to look forward to (GW). 

We make a promise to all our past, current and future customers and indeed to the cricket industry as well to continue our innovation and revolutionary cricket operation ensuring that quite simply through Middlepeg you will always get the best cricket equipment, at the best prices with the best service. 

As with every facet of our operation, should you have any questions regarding Middlepeg our operation or any of our products please do not hesitate to contact us. Not only would it be our pleasure to help you in any way we can but we also just love to talk cricket no matter what its about.

A Night of Bradman & Blades

Middlepeg was proud to bring to Perth Western Australia an event hailed by many as the first of its kind anywhere in the world. Attended by hundreds of people of all ages it was an tremendous night of cricket related history, information and fun with all proceeds from the night going to the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children.

The 'Night of Bradman & Blades' brought to Perth a collection of the most amazing and prized items of Sir Donald Bradman cricketing equipment & memorabilia direct from the Bradman Museum in Bowral, NSW, Australia.

Accompanying the collection was Mr Richard Mulvaney (pictured right) who is the Director of the Bradman Museum and Bradman Foundation and who was also a close personal friend of Sir Donald. Following the passing of Sir Donald Middlepeg was keen to organize an event whereby the public were able to both view his cricket equipment and personal effects and hear all about the 'Don' as well. Mr Mulvaney's discussions and speech about Sir Donald saw everyone in attendance (from the very young to the elderly) sitting and listening in an amazing show of total admiration for the 'Don'.

The night also saw Middlepeg hosting Master Bat Maker James Laver for an actual cricket bat making demonstration. James Laver is widely regarded by many international cricket players as the finest cricket bat maker in the world today and his demonstration of hand crafting a cricket bat that night held everyone in awe. Middlepeg also set up "nets" for the night so people could have a hit with a range of Laver & Wood cricket bats, old historical cricket bats as well as that classic Dennis Lillee 'Aluminium Combat'. James Laver spent a few days with all the staff at Middlepeg whilst in Perth and on top of being a Master Bat Maker James is also one of the nicest guys you are likely to meet.

Capping off the night was Australian International Test Batsman Justin Langer (pictured right) as one of the guest speakers of the evening. Though the night was just before the Australian cricket team left for the Ashes Tour of England Justin was still very keen to donate his time as both a mark of his respect for Sir Donald and to help out Princess Margaret Hospital. Justin's speech brought the house down with stories about sharing a room with Merv Hughes on tour and so on. Justin also shared with us his personal experiences with Sir Donald.

The night was a tremendous success and Middlepeg has been approached by numerous people and companies to organise such events in the future. Perhaps a highlight by many there was being able to pick up the actual cricket bat that Sir Donald used to make his record score (a triple test century!) in England. Just holding that very same cleft of willow was and is an experience that is difficult to describe and the many that did that night all felt the same.

Middlepeg sincerely thanks; 

Anthony from Middlepeg holding the 
actual cricket bat Sir Don Bradman used to
score his record triple Test century
Middlepegs 'Night of Bradman & Blades' - a huge success

Ashes Tour - England 2001

As part of a future tour program some of the staff at Middlepeg made a trip to England to follow the England Australia Ashes series in July of 2001.

The trip was a successful one in terms of furthering business links, establishing an Official Middlepeg ICC & ECC Subsidy Program, collecting more unique and valuable memorabilia and of course watching (and playing) matches being held at the home of cricket in and throughout England.

On this trip Middlepeg was also fortunate to meet with numerous well know cricketing industry people ensuring our continued status of supplying the best cricket gear in the world no matter where it is from. Middlepegs exclusive arrangement with Ultralite Cricket Pads is one such example of this.

We also made a specific point of meeting with some of our UK customers throughout England during the trip. One of the nice aspects of the game of cricket is that you get to meet people who share a common passion for the game and it was certainly nice to meet many of our UK customers. Best of all is that genuine friendships have been struck and forged as well.

David from Middlepeg at the famous Wrights
Willow farm. Click here for more on this.
The Australian cricket team following their win
at Lords in the Ashes Series

Australian Test Captain Steve Waugh practicing in the nets
at Trentbridge England


Phillip and David from Middlepeg with
Dilip Jajodia - owner of the
Ultralite Pads company

Middlepegs Photo Album

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